Compliance is complex, regulations are ever-changing, and HOS violations are expensive. The good news is, you can do something about it. We’re excited to introduce the new Motive compliance management suite. By taking a proactive approach to compliance management, you can prevent the violations that put your fleet out of service. Along the way, you can lower costs and keep your drivers safe. 

With the help of Motive’s technology and automation, compliance management for the back office is easier than ever. Our proactive approach to compliance uses three components unique to Motive. All of them work together to help you solve the most pressing compliance challenges.

1. Compliance Hub + Fleet App

It all starts with our Compliance Hub. The innovative experience provides a complete view of your fleet’s compliance health. With the most critical compliance information showcased in one central hub, you get clear visibility into your most pressing tasks. Work smarter. Resolve violations faster. Know what’s coming. With greater Hours of Service visibility across your entire fleet, you can see violation breakdowns, driver leaderboards, and cycle trends over time. And you can do it proactively to keep minor issues just that. Minor. 

Managers can access information about drivers on the go directly from the Motive Fleet App. Driver logs, duty status, and form and manner errors are all right at your fingertips for easy compliance management anytime, anywhere. The Motive Fleet App is the only app from a fleet management vendor that provides full visibility to help you resolve the most pressing compliance issues directly from your mobile device.

2. AI Trip Assignment

Managing compliance doesn’t have to be a slow, manual process. Our AI Trip Assignment tool helps you resolve issues faster through automation. 

AI Trip Assignment uses advanced AI technology to solve one of the biggest compliance headaches. Unidentified trips,. Our technology automatically matches unidentified trips with recommended drivers. Through the Driver App, the technology then notifies drivers in real time. Proprietary AI models pair the correct driver to the correct trip. Fleet managers can see the recommended driver for the trip in the Fleet Dashboard. By automatically identifying who is operating the vehicle, Motive helps eliminate hours of wasted time sorting through compliance records. Our technology makes compliance management faster so you can achieve more in less time. Motive is the only fleet management provider to offer this type of tool.

3. CSA Insights + DRIVE risk score

We’re also the first fleet management vendor to natively integrate Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores into a product. By pairing critical CSA data with your driving data, you can see all of your fleet’s risk factors. That visibility can be a powerful tool in keeping your CSA scores low.

Violation breakdowns automatically identify the most pressing issues, so you know just where to focus. Intervention thresholds indicate exactly when managers should get involved. Check out your fleet’s forecasted CSA scores to proactively reduce audit risk. It’s a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to safe driving policies as well.Share your predicted CSA score with insurance companies to lower costs. Share it with your customers to earn more business.

Pair CSA Insights with Motive’s DRIVE risk score to unlock a complete picture of driver risk profiles. DRIVE pinpoints your fleet’s high-risk drivers and instantly generates advice on how often to have coaching conversations with them. By using CSA Insights and DRIVE together, you can design a proactive fleet safety program. One that helps reduce accidents, lower costs, improve driver performance, and retain top performers.

4. The results

With Motive’s new compliance management suite, fleets have an all-in-one automated compliance solution. It’s a solution that works to prevent HOS violations, lower costs, and keep drivers safe. Join the 100,000 businesses that reduce HOS violations and time spent on compliance tasks by up to 50%*. Motive. This is compliance, solved.

To see our compliance management suite in action, request a demo.

*50% reduction in HOS violations is based on an analysis of 1,200 fleets with at least 20 vehicles. Fleets had at least 12 months of CSA history before and after joining Motive. 50% reduction is the average for the top 15 fleets with the largest improvements. Average reduction in HOS violations for all 1,200 fleets is 20%.