Your business needs are always changing. The cost of business is going up; economic uncertainty is, well, more of a certainty now; and your team’s security has never been more critical. That’s why our product team is constantly innovating to address new needs and use cases. Recently, we launched several new capabilities across our portfolio to empower operators to find new ways to save money, accelerate ramp time while reducing inefficiencies, and get ahead of risks and suspicious behavior.

We covered these new product releases in a recent webinar, Spring Product Showcase ’24. In it, we walked through new powerful features, including:

  • New Driver Profile
  • Engine Immobilizer – Beta Testing
  • Driver Walkthrough and Integrated Coaching Workflows
  • Historic Telematics
  • Enhancements to Savings Finder
  • Fraud Detection

You can watch the full webinar below. You can also download the presentation deck to take back to your team. And as always, we encourage you to reach out to your customer success manager or our sales department for more information on how Motive can help you improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of your operation.

Spring Product Showcase ’24