Driver safety is more important than ever for the fleets that power our economy. Insurance costs, collisions, and nuclear verdicts are all on the rise. In this new landscape, running a safe fleet has never been more critical to the health and success of a business.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way to transform the safety of your operations. The new Motive safety platform, powered by industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, puts fleets back in control with a proactive approach to driver safety that helps prevent accidents and reduce costs.

The AI Dashcam

It all starts with the new AI Dashcam, powered by the leading-edge AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms that detect unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy. When it comes to accident prevention, precision is everything. The AI Dashcam instantly detects unsafe driving behaviors like cell phone distraction and close following with industry-leading accuracy and alerts drivers in real time. When your drivers get an alert, they know the AI Dashcam is looking out for them.

Our new AI Dashcam also includes a sleek new design with industrial-grade reliability; 1440p crystal-clear HD video resolution and a wide field of view for more coverage; up to 104 hours of camera storage; and a built-in Quick Capture feature button to instantly initiate an automatic video upload to safety departments.

Automatic video review and coaching

We know safety managers don’t have the time to review every single event video. That’s why our event intelligence and in-house safety team analyze every video for you within seconds of the event to determine the context and severity. Managers get prioritized videos with rich, actionable insights, and drivers are automatically coached on correctable behaviors when they complete their trip.

Our AI technology also automatically filters out videos that don’t represent actual risk so your safety department can zero in on the most critical events. That means when you see videos in the Safety Hub, you know they matter.

Unlike other safety solutions on the market, we tackle the daily, time-consuming tasks that prevent your employees from focusing on their highest value work.

Reduce future risk with DRIVE

Instead of managing safety one event at a time, our proprietary DRIVE risk score gives you a holistic understanding of your drivers’ performance over time. DRIVE benchmarks every behavior against 400,000+ vehicles to create an objective measure of risk that studies show is 5x more predictive of future accidents than the industry’s leading safety score.

DRIVE pinpoints your fleet’s high-risk drivers, and automatically provides a pre-built framework for how often to have coaching conversations. DRIVE Insights allow you to track the impact of coaching on driver performance over time.

DRIVE can also be used as the foundation for your driver incentive programs. Because it is “always on,” it rewards positive behaviors just as much as it penalizes high-risk ones.

Transform the safety of your fleet

Fleets can reduce accidents by up to 30% with the AI Dashcam, automatic video review and coaching, and the DRIVE risk score.

Ready to supercharge your safety department? Plug into the Motive AI-powered safety platform, and come find safety in numbers.

To see our AI-powered safety platform in action, request a demo.