An Introduction to Reefer Monitoring

How to manage a reefer fleet, expand reefer uptime, and reduce cargo loss.


Managing refrigerated trailers, or reefers, can be a complicated process with many challenges. Fleet managers who oversee reefers require a deep knowledge and understanding of how these refrigerated units function. The amount of attention needed to be successful can be…

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Loss of temperature

While reefers and dry vans face similar issues, it’s especially critical to address them in a timely manner when hauling perishable goods.  Common challenges Poor loading practices is a leading culprit when it comes to spoiled cargo. Experts estimate that…

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Equipment failure

Additionally, equipment failures can cause severe damage to perishable goods.  Common challenges Frequent malfunctions include fluid leaks, faulty belts and hoses, faulty calibration, damaged air chutes, condenser issues, sensor malfunctions, damaged door seals, and bulkhead blockage. In short, there is…

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Driver mistakes

When it comes to managing reefer monitoring operations, driver mistakes are among the top challenges companies must contend with. Reefer drivers have many different responsibilities and instructions to follow, so human error is an inevitable occurrence.   Common challenges Some common…

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Reefer compliance issues

Compliance issues must be a top concern when it comes to operating reefer trailers. Certain perishable goods, such as food and fresh beverages, are under federal regulations when it comes to the temperature at which they must be stored and…

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