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What is GPS Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is the method of tracking physical assets. Although assets can be tracked a number of ways, GPS tracking is a method that broadcasts location and allows companies to locate equipment if it’s been lost or stolen. Additionally, it aallows companies to ensure each asset is where it’s supposed to be. 

What is an asset? 

Assets can be defined as anything considered valuable, beneficial, or a means to generate income for an entity. These are not to be confused with inventory; inventory refers specifically to items that are to be sold or distributed. With regards to fleet management, GPS asset tracking allows fleet managers to monitor the location and status of assets. 

Why is GPS asset tracking beneficial?

Asset tracking enhances every aspect of equipment management, but there are other benefits to increase an entity’s productivity; see below: 

  • Greater visibility in managing operations
  • Reducing costs (with regards to lost or stolen assets)
  • Additional security for existing assets

Using Motive for asset tracking solutions 

Utilizing the best GPS asset tracking software for fleets is the key to streamlining your asset tracking process, consolidating your operations, and maximizing asset usage. Motive’s asset tracking solutions allow you to

  • Track everything in one place: Get visibility into live or historical trailer or equipment locations to help eliminate yard hunts, track usage for mileage-based maintenance, and prevent theft or misuse.
  • Track performance against delivery schedules: Strengthen your customer relationships by giving them a heads up on your status with automatic geofence alerts.
  • Decrease detention times and improve efficiency: Keep your trailers and equipment 100% utilized with location-specific notifications and rich insights to increase profitability.
  • Catch theft or misuse: Draw virtual boundaries around any geographical area and get notified when a trailer crosses a geofence to avoid unauthorized use or theft.