Today, we’re excited to release our first Asset Gateway for real-time trailer and equipment tracking, and our new road- and dual-facing Smart Dashcams that give better visibility inside the cab and on the road.

These new products are designed to help you keep your insurance premiums low, exonerate drivers with video evidence and increase your margins by reducing unnecessary overhead.

Growing our product family with the Asset Gateway

In a continuing effort to improve visibility into your business, we’re excited to offer a brand new product, the Asset Gateway.

Designed from the ground up with technology optimized for the rugged environments of the road, the Asset Gateway gives you full visibility into the location of your assets so you can make quick decisions based on real-time location and status of your trailers and equipment. 

The Asset Gateway uses energy-efficient components and the power of the sun to help broadcast your asset’s location. Unlike traditional systems that require you to call someone to activate location tracking or that only report location every 2 to 12 hours, Motive’s Asset Gateway location data is recorded every minute and updated to the dashboard every 5 minutes when on battery power, and every 30 seconds when powered externally with the optional cable.

This helps trucking companies keep track of all of their trailers so they can automate yard hunts, minimize trailer loss and misuse, and measure mileage for usage-based trailer maintenance. Many fleets have 2 to 4 times as many trailers as tractors, making simple tasks like dispatching and yard hunts take more time than they should.

“We normally have to spend time calling owner-operators that haul with us to find out where they last dropped our trailers. With the Asset Gateway, we get that time back because we can see the trailers’ real-time location in the Motive Dashboard.”

— Sam Thudium, Sutton Trucking

The Asset Gateway can also be mounted on construction equipment or other high-value assets and works with our geofencing feature so you can get real-time notifications when assets move.

Full picture of fleet safety with the Smart Dashcam

A Utah-based trucking company, D&A McRae, started using Motive’s Smart Dashcam earlier this year and saw immediate returns. 

In just a few months after he and his team installed dash cams, a driver was involved in a collision and was immediately deemed at fault. His team was able to remotely download footage from the incident and easily exonerate his driver. 

“Footage from Motive’s Smart Dashcam exonerated our driver on the spot and saved us what could have been close to $50K in damages. From this one incident, the dash cam paid for itself.”

— Rod Conrad, Terminal Manager, D&A McRae Transportation

D&A McRae is just one customer of many that have been able to protect their business with Motive. Being able to exonerate your drivers not only saves you money at the moment, it yields long-term returns by keeping your insurance premiums low. Seeing the full picture surrounding a potential collision is more crucial than ever because we know that:

  • Per-mile insurance rates have risen almost 40% since 2009
  • More fleets are choosing higher deductibles to offset the cost
  • A typical crash involving a truck costs over $90,000

Our new Smart Dashcams upload 1080p HD video to the Motive Dashboard and driver app minutes after a critical event so you can make sure you have the proof you need in a not-at-fault collision.

With the new dual-facing Smart Dashcam, see the full picture including what’s happening in the cab. This can help further protect drivers by proving that they’re alert and focused.

“How our drivers act on the road is a direct reflection on our company and our reputation, so making sure they are safe and compliant is a top priority. Having dash cameras and technology like driver-facing video tags is a step in the right direction because it gives us confidence in our drivers’ actions and how we conduct business on the roads.”

— Robert Strileckis, Safety Compliance Coordinator, Commercial Roofing Specialties, Inc.

Get started today with integrated fleet management

Learn more about how businesses, big or small, can benefit from our full-service fleet management solution, including the Asset Gateway and Smart Dashcam. Our pricing options provide the flexibility to pick the right level of service for your fleet’s needs, starting at $20 per month. Smart Dashcams can be added to any paid plan. The Pro plan is a comprehensive fleet management solution with features fleets love, such as automated IFTA reporting, idle-time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver scorecards, and more. 

The Asset Gateway is designed to give full visibility into your business and work alongside the Vehicle Gateway and is available to purchase as a standalone solution for tracking your high-value assets.

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