Fleet managers frequently tell us how it’s a challenge to stay in close contact with drivers. Motive’s original messaging feature eased this burden by allowing fleet administrators to instant message drivers right from the dashboard.

Today we’re delighted to launch a vastly improved messaging feature that now allows fleets to broadcast the same message to many drivers, receive pictures and current locations from drivers, and also see when their messages have been read. We are leveraging some of the most modern messaging app features to improve functionality.

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Our new broadcast messages tool is like Bcc on email. You can send the same message to multiple individual chats at once. Drivers can reply directly to you, but not to other message recipients.

We’ve made it easier to share images and locations — they’re right in message threads now.

Wondering if drivers read your message? We’ll now show you which of your drivers saw your message.

You can learn more about how to use Messaging on the messaging support page. There’s much more to come with email notifications for missed messages, API support to plug into your TMS, and audio messages. We will continue to roll out frequent updates to this exciting new platform.