Motive’s central design principles include flexibility, convenience, and offering complete real-time visibility to fleet managers.

That is why we are excited to announce the launch of the Motive’s Cellular Enabled ELD (C-ELD). One of the most powerful and user-favorite telematics devices in the industry is now available with an integrated cellular connection for ensuring constant real-time visibility and peace of mind for fleets.

Key features and benefits

  • Continuous vehicle tracking: You can track vehicles without your driver having to connect their mobile device to the ELD.
  • Real-time information: Get valuable telematics data, such as driver performance, vehicle utilization, fault codes, in real-time, even if the driver is not connected.
  • Compatibility with Smart Dashcam: The Motive Smart Dashcam is only compatible with the new C-ELD (LBB3ca). The Smart Dashcam gives you the tools to protect your business from the uncertainties of the road.
  • Tamper detection: If the ELD (LBB-3) is unplugged, you’ll receive an immediate alert. The LBB-2 ELD will reveal a disconnect as soon as the driver plugs it back in.
  • WiFi hotspot: With C-ELD, drivers can connect their mobile devices to the C-ELD’s WiFi hotspot to transmit logs, send messages, upload documents, and much more. With this facility, fleets won’t have to buy data plans for their drivers or reimburse them. Learn more about WiFi Hotspot.

Continuously collect vehicle information

The primary benefit of the Motive cellular ELD is that fleet admins can receive telematics data, such as GPS, driver performance, vehicle fault codes, IFTA reporting, and vehicle utilization information in real-time.

The Motive cellular ELD is perfect for mixed fleets

If you’re one of the many fleets that have some drivers who need to comply with the ELD mandate, and some who do not, the Motive C-ELD can greatly simplify your operations.

Drivers who have to keep a log simply connect their mobile devices to ELDs via Bluetooth or USB to record their logs in the Motive App.

On the other hand, drivers who do not have to keep a log don’t have to connect their mobile device to the ELD—they just get in the vehicle and drive.

The Motive C-ELD continuously tracks vehicle location and other telematics data and sends it to the Motive Dashboard via the cellular connection inside the ELD. Compliance data, such as driver logs and DVIRs, will be transmitted via the driver’s cellular-enabled mobile device.

With C-ELDs, drivers who don’t need to comply with the ELD mandate won’t be forced to use their mobile phones and log in to the ELD.

Fleet managers will know where the vehicles are and how they are performing, no matter who is driving the vehicle. They won’t have to rely on the driver to get telematics data.

Gain more visibility with the Motive cellular ELD

Cellular-enabled ELDs (C-ELDs) are the next generation of Motive ELD hardware. It makes it easier for fleets of all sizes to get real-time telematics data and gain complete visibility into operations without relying on the driver’s cellular connectivity or mobile data.

Connect with sales or call 844-325-9230 to learn more about C-ELDs and the Motive platform.