With the ELD mandate, most fleets are looking for a bring-your-own-device ELD solution. In such a system, an engine-connected device records vehicle motion data from the ECM and relays it to the driver’s mobile device. Motive continues to evolve to help your fleet stay compliant even when your drivers use their own devices.

The connection between the engine-connected ELD and the driver’s mobile device is very important to understand.

If the vehicle motion data that is needed to trigger the automatic duty status change does not sync with the driver’s mobile device, their logs would not be updated, which could result in drivers being noncompliant.

At Motive, we understand the gravity of this situation and, therefore, take connectivity and our customers’ compliance very seriously. That’s why, to ensure that Motive customers stay 100% compliant, we have now added USB connectivity to our ELD solution.

The new USB connection would complement the Bluetooth connectivity solution that Motive already offers, making the connection faster and even more reliable. For now, the USB option is only available for Android devices. The USB connectivity option for iOS devices will be announced very soon.

Here are a few major benefits of the new USB connectivity feature:

1. Reliability

USB-based connections are extremely reliable. As data is relayed between devices via a USB cable, drivers can rest assured that their logs are always up to date.

Cellular-based connections between the ELD and the driver’s phone can be potentially very unreliable. If drivers are operating in an area with spotty or no cellular coverage, their logs will not update. Motive customers with USB connectivity will never face such an issue.

2. Speed

Apart from being super reliable, a USB-based connection is also faster than any other type of connection. When relaying data and syncing between the two devices, a USB-based connection transfers data at a much faster pace than a cellular-based connection.

3. A Simple plug-n-play solution

While Motive’s Bluetooth connection is very easy to setup, the USB connection is even simpler than that. It’s a simple plug-and-play solution for drivers who prefer the reliability of connecting through a cable.

4. A fully-charged mobile device

When connected with USB, the driver’s mobile device (smartphone or tablet) would constantly be charging. It means that the mobile devices rarely run out of battery, which minimizes the risk of non-compliance.

5. Simplicity

The USB connection would simplify drivers’ lives. By requiring a single cord to charge and connect mobile devices with ELDs, a USB connection reduces cab clutter and minimizes the number of distractions.

Additionally, a fully-charged mobile device would also eliminate low-battery notifications that cause distractions for drivers on the road.

FMCSA’s Comments About the Risks of Cellular-Based ELDs

Just in case you missed it earlier, FMCSA recently held a webinar to answer questions about ELDs. In that webinar, FMCSA confirmed that cellular-based ELDs are a compliance risk and should not be relied upon.

Watch the following video to hear what they have to say about cellular-based ELDs and the compliance risk associated with them.

This is where Motive is miles ahead of other ELD providers. We take connectivity and compliance issues very seriously and ensure that our customers always remain 100% compliant.

Instead of relying on cellular networks, Motive uses a Bluetooth connection to ensure 100% connectivity, even in remote areas with no cellular coverage. Now, with the addition of USB connectivity for Android devices (coming soon for iOS devices), the Motive ELD solution has now become bulletproof.

This is just one of the many things that the Motive ELD solution has to ensure that our customers stay compliant and focus on automating operations, reducing expenses, and maximizing profits.

Stay compliant with Motive

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