Motive was launched to help America’s trucking industry run safe, compliant, and efficient businesses, all with easy-to-use and reliable technology. 

We’re excited to help our carriers grow their businesses by introducing the Motive Smart Load Board. The Smart Load Board is a free load board built directly into our industry-leading fleet management platform to help carriers find the right load, faster. 

Our partners include the largest and most innovative brokerages in North America, including Echo Global Logistics, Uber Freight, Convoy, Edge Logistics, and Bennett, among others.

Exclusive, high-quality loads you can trust

The Smart Load Board collects thousands of loads from trusted industry partners that can’t be found on other load boards.

Every load offers complete details, including rate, commodity, and weight. Together, it gives you the data points you need to make informed decisions. Without having to leave the Motive platform.

Your days of endlessly scrolling through irrelevant loads are over. With “Smart Loads,” the right load for each driver is automatically recommended based on an understanding of your needs and preferences. You can filter loads by deadhead, destination, trip length, rate, equipment type, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Booking loads is fast and easy

The load booking process is built with the same simplicity that has made Motive a top-rated ELD. You can submit an offer using a built-in bidding feature or use “Book Now” to lock in business immediately.

A privacy-focused approach to visibility

Motive gives carriers full control over their data. Consenting carriers who move loads for specific brokerages can proactively choose to share their Motive location information. Sharing location will allow the brokerage to access it specifically for the duration of the load being moved and no longer. It also takes the consent process down to one-click, saving you from time-consuming phone calls to get set up. Learn more about our approach to visibility here.

What your peers think

“Motive is leading the way by designing a load board for carriers. When it comes to a load board, it doesn’t matter who has the most loads. The carrier is looking for the most efficient load. Motive is the only fleet management solution that has the technology to instantly find the best loads for their customers.” – Chad Boblett, Owner-Operator

“The Smart Load Board creates a great opportunity for us to drive additional growth for our business. And with the steps Motive has taken to continue standing behind the principle of data privacy for carriers, we feel confident working with their new products like the Smart Load Board.” – Bryan Keller, CEO, Keller Logistics Group

“Motive continues to remain carrier-first with the launch of the Smart Load Board. Accessing capacity from their network, in a manner that is secure, will only help to grow Bennett’s business. We feel extremely confident with the steps they’ve taken to ensure that our data is protected. It’s only shared with the third parties we proactively choose to share it with.” – Tim Hadden, CIO, Bennett

“Motive has consistently focused on bringing increased value to drivers and fleet owners while maintaining the highest level of integrity around privacy and secure transactions. They’ve built their reputation around those two things. Releasing the Smart Load Board is incredibly exciting to us. Motive is a partner we can rely on. Smart Load Board is going to be an exceptional resource that dramatically improves our brokerage success.” – Piper Titus, CFO, Page Trucking

Start booking loads for free

Access to the Motive Smart Load Board is free. Simply download the Motive Driver App (Android, iOS) or create a Fleet Dashboard account to start booking loads. 

When your business grows, we win together. 

The Motive Smart Load Board for brokers and asset-based carriers

With a single integration, our broker partners are able to tap into the Motive network of more than 1 million registered drivers. By connecting capacity, our technology brings efficiency across all areas of the supply chain. Brokers and asset-based carriers in need of capacity can post loads to the Motive Smart Load Board via API. This means more eyes on loads that need to be moved and more opportunities for carriers to make money. 

A single place to manage your business

With the addition of the Smart Load Board, Motive truly becomes a one-stop shop to manage your business. With Motive, GPS tracking, driver safety, ELD compliance, vehicle maintenance, and freight matching are consolidated into a single, easy-to-use platform. 

Learn more about the Motive Smart Load Board. If you have additional questions, email our 24/7 support team at 

If you’re a broker or an asset-based carrier in need of capacity, please complete a Motive Partner Application to learn more about the Smart Load Board program.