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WiFi Hotspot

Connect your drivers to the cloud with the WiFi Hotspot — built right into the Motive ELD.

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Simple connectivity

Connect instantly to a hotspot that’s built right into the Vehicle Gateway, the Motive ELD. No additional hardware or setup is required.

Save money

Reduce or eliminate the need to purchase or reimburse data plans for drivers. The WiFi Hotspot comes with 500MB/month of free data.

Driver updates

Receive driver updates and use Motive messaging without using mobile data on a driver’s cell phone.

Connect to the fleet hotspot with ease.

The Motive Vehicle Gateway automatically broadcasts a WiFi network. Drivers can connect to this network with WiFi-only mobile devices.

Control your data usage costs.

Works with popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions if you need to prevent other applications from using your monthly data allotment on entertainment or other non-business related use cases.

Frequently asked questions

Motive hours-of-service data is always transmitted from the Vehicle Gateway to the phone via your choice of Bluetooth or USB. Data will be sent to the dashboard when a cell connection is established. With Motive, losing your cell connection won’t put compliance at risk.

The WiFi Hotspot makes it possible for you to purchase WiFi-only devices without having to buy a data plan for everyone.

Yes. Fleet hotspot data can also be used while roaming in Mexico and Canada.

We partner with AT&T, the nation’s most reliable cell network.

No. You don’t need an AT&T account to use Motive ELD, thanks to the WiFi Hotspot. Your Motive contract covers the cellular connectivity built into the ELD.

Our Vehicle Gateway (ELD) comes with a built-in WiFi hotspot so that drivers don’t have to use their personal data plans. The Motive Pro and Enterprise plans include 500 MB of data per unit per month. Motive Starter plans do not include the WiFi Hotspot.

Additional data packages are available for purchase.

Please review our Help Center articles to learn how to connect the Motive WiFi Hotspot on the Driver App for Android and for iOS.

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