The ELD mandate in Canada is heading toward full implementation. Drivers and fleets in the U.S. and Canada should understand the Canadian ELD mandate and how it differs from the U.S. ELD mandate.

That’s because the Canadian ELD mandate will apply to qualifying Canadian drivers and to U.S. drivers crossing the Canadian border.

To comply with the Canadian ELD mandate, non-exempt drivers will need a compliant ELD solution.

In this post, we’ll discuss the requirements for the ELD mandate in Canada and how to buy a compliant ELD solution.

An overview of the ELD mandate in Canada

According to the Canadian ELD mandate, non-exempt drivers must use compliant electronic logging devices (ELDs) to capture their Hours of Service (HOS).

The purpose of the Canadian mandate is to help create a safe road environment for commercial drivers and others.

With full enforcement of the Canadian ELD mandate coming on January 1, 2023, experts recommend that fleets adopt ELD technology as soon as possible. Doing so will help fleets avoid violations and operational disruptions. Non-compliant drivers will be subject to fines, out-of-service orders, and potential criminal citations during roadside inspections. Non-compliant carriers will be subject to enhanced enforcement scrutiny and possible safety rating downgrades.

To avoid service disruptions, it’s crucial to implement an approved ELD before the January 1, 2023 enforcement deadline. As Motive customers in Canada work toward full compliance with the ELD mandate, they can count on our support and technology for help in meeting their ELD obligations.

How to ensure ELD compliance in Canada

Although the ELD mandate in Canada applies to most commercial drivers, there are some exemptions.

If you’re not exempt, you’ll need a compliant ELD solution to help you comply with the mandate.

ELDs in Canada must be in compliance with the technical specifications published in the Canadian ELD mandate.

Before installation, ELDs must be certified by a third party. It’s one of the major differences between the U.S. and Canadian mandates. The U.S. mandate allows for self-certification by device manufacturers.

Carriers who operate between the two countries should have an ELD that meets the certification standards of both countries. That’s where it gets a little tricky.

Transport Canada requires third-party certification of ELDs that can be used in Canada. The Motive electronic logging device (ELD) is now fully certified on both Android and iOS for the Canadian ELD mandate. Our reliable, easy-to-use ELD has helped fleets stay compliant in Canada and in the U.S. since 2017. With this certification, customers can continue to operate confidently and meet their ELD compliance obligations.

To ensure compliance with ELD requirements, the Canadian mandate requires that all ELD providers undergo rigorous technical testing with an accredited third-party certification body. After passing extensive road and bench testing with the accredited certification body CSA Group, Motive is officially listed on Transport Canada’s website as an approved provider. The extensive vetting means that Canadian fleets can feel confident relying on Motive to help manage their compliance needs.

Tips to prepare for enforcement of the ELD mandate in Canada

Complying with the ELD mandate in Canada goes beyond buying and installing an ELD. The most successful fleets also spend time familiarizing themselves with the new compliance workflows. Here are two simple steps to help you prepare for a smooth transition.

1. Train your team early

The best way to prepare for the upcoming ELD mandate is to adopt ELD technology in advance then train your drivers and back-office staff on how to use it. Show your team how to log Hours of Service (HOS), avoid violations, and toggle between Canadian and U.S. rules.

To practice using Canadian-specific functionality, customers can download our highly rated Driver App on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Get comfortable with features such as deferral of hours, yard move and personal conveyance limits, and Alberta cycle rules. Any questions can be offloaded to our Canadian ELD experts 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

2. Be prepared for roadside inspections

For a smooth roadside inspection, make sure your fleet’s electronic logs are up to date and certified. It’s helpful to know where to access required documentation, whether it’s in printed or digital form. Also, make sure you understand the differences in how Canada and the U.S. inspect electronic record of duty status (RODS), including ELD records.

Many U.S. fleets waited until the last minute to prepare for the U.S. ELD mandate. As a result, drivers and fleets had to scramble to meet the deadline. ELD providers were slammed with so many last-minute requests that fleets were left waiting, and drivers without an approved ELD installed were placed out of service until compliant.

Determining the right fit for your fleet

To establish the best fit for your company, review and evaluate several fleet management software and ELD solutions.

Below are ELD and fleet management features that can help you comply with the ELD mandate in Canada.

  • Easy ELD installation. How long does the ELD solution take to install? How easy is it to set up? Look for an ELD that’s easy to install and operate. It will make complying with the Canadian mandate that much more efficient.
  • Critical safety features. Fleets of all sizes need to prioritize driver safety. It’s important to have real-time visibility into high-risk events such as speeding, excessive acceleration and hard cornering. Some ELDs work with built-in dashcams. Dashcams can capture and record unsafe driving events such as erratic lane changes and accidents.
  • GPS tracking capabilities. Having an ELD with precise GPS tracking ability lets fleet managers know where their vehicles and assets are located at all times. Real-time and historical vehicle location information helps managers operate more efficiently, plan better routes, and provide better customer service.
  • Positive online reviews. Unbiased reviews of ELDs are available on many independent platforms. Look for reviews on ELD Devices, the Apple App Store, and Google Play.
  • Ease of use. Look for an ELD solution that’s user-friendly and intuitive. Getting an easy-to-use ELD will reduce your training time dramatically. That means drivers can get out on the road faster.
  • Enhanced communications with drivers and dispatchers. The best ELD solution will allow managers to instantly message drivers individually and as a group. Drivers can send receipts and proof of delivery documents directly to managers through an ELD app.
  • Vehicle performance notifications. Fuel waste and downtime for maintenance can increase operating costs. A good ELD solution allows you to increase uptime. It does it by creating and sending reports that can save money and time. The ELD should also help track fuel consumption, fuel waste, and vehicle diagnostics.

ELD costs and benefits

Apart from ensuring compliance with various regulations, ELDs impove efficiency and productivity.

ELDs can help you avoid costly and disruptive Hours of Service (HOS) violations. In the U.S., fines for ELD violations range from $1,000 up to $10,000. Each day a driver is out of service can cost up to $264 in lost revenue. An operator found to be in violation of some out-of-service orders can be liable for up to $25,000 in penalties. ELDs can help protect fleets from these unnecessary costs.

ELDs also help streamline communication among drivers and back-office staff.

One of the biggest ELD benefits of a feature-rich ELD solution is its ability to automate IFTA calculation. It does it by recording how many miles each vehicle drives in each jurisdiction. This feature reduces administrative tasks and operating expenses. Automated IFTA reports are also less prone to errors.

Discover solutions for all your compliance and fleet management needs

As your long-term partner, Motive goes beyond helping you meet the ELD mandate Canada requirements. Our reliable, easy-to-use compliance technology can help prevent violations, reduce operating costs, and keep drivers safe. Drivers can complete daily compliance tasks faster and more efficiently with our highly rated Driver App. That means they can spend more time earning money on the road.

With Motive, fleets have reduced Hours of Service violations and time spent on compliance tasks by up to 50%. Motive also offers a full fleet management platform backed by award-winning 24/7 support. Our innovative AI technology ranges from driver safety and GPS tracking to dispatch, fuel, and maintenance. Whatever your operational needs, we have the technology to help meet them.

ELDs, combined with a powerful fleet management system and dashcams, can help improve fleet safety. With dashcams, fleets can exonerate drivers who aren’t at fault. Having video evidence that shows drivers were driving safely can save fleets from potential liability. For example, dashcam footage saved Nybll from a personal injury lawsuit that could have cost them up to $500,000.

When purchasing an ELD, consider your options carefully. Different ELD vendors charge different prices. Most have a fixed monthly price, while others charge hefty upfront fees.

Motive is trusted by over 1,000,000 drivers and 120,000 fleets for their compliance, regulatory, and fleet management needs.

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