On Monday, March 7, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) announced that the education and awareness phase of electronic logging device (ELD) enforcement in Canada has been extended. For all jurisdictions, the new Canadian ELD mandate date for enforcement is January 1, 2023.

While a province-by-province approach to ELD enforcement was initially expected, the Transport Ministers in Canada opted for a nationwide delay. Especially considering that British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland had been slow to adopt rules around ELD compliance.

The extended ELD enforcement deadline gives Canadian fleets until January 1, 2023 to buy and install certified ELD devices and conduct training on how to use them. Carriers can prepare for the ELD mandate by researching ELD device options and ensuring that their ELDs have been certified by Transport Canada.

Approved devices can be found here as they become certified.

The Motive electronic logging device (ELD) is fully certified on Android and iOS for the Canadian ELD mandate. Our reliable, easy-to-use ELD has helped fleets stay compliant in Canada and in the U.S. since 2017.

Because Motive is a certified vendor for the Canadian ELD market, our customers can continue to operate confidently knowing they’re meeting their compliance obligations on both sides of the border.

Experts recommend that fleets adopt ELD technology as soon as possible to help avoid violations and operational disruptions. Non-compliant drivers will be subject to fines, out-of-service orders, and potential criminal citations during roadside inspections. Non-compliant carriers will be subject to enhanced enforcement scrutiny and possible safety rating downgrades.

To avoid service disruptions, it’s crucial to implement an approved ELD well before the new January 1, 2023 enforcement deadline. As Motive customers in Canada work toward full compliance with the ELD mandate, they can count on our support and technology for help in meeting their ELD obligations.

Tips to help you prepare for enforcement

Complying with the Canadian ELD mandate goes beyond buying and installing an ELD. The most successful fleets also spend time familiarizing themselves with the new compliance workflows. Here are two simple steps to help you prepare for a smooth transition.

1. Train your team early

The best way to prepare for the upcoming Canadian ELD mandate date is to adopt ELD technology in advance, then train your drivers and back-office staff on how to use it. Show your team how to log Hours of Service (HOS), avoid violations, and toggle between Canadian and U.S. rules.

To practice using Canadian-specific functionality, customers can download our highly-rated Driver App on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Get comfortable with features such as deferral of hours, yard move and personal conveyance limits, and Alberta cycle rules. Helpful training videos can be found on Motive’s YouTube channel, and any questions can be passed to our Canadian ELD experts 24/7.

2. Be prepared for roadside inspections

For a smooth roadside inspection, make sure your fleet’s electronic logs are up to date and certified. It’s helpful to know where to access required documentation, whether it’s in printed or digital form. Also, make sure you understand the differences in how Canada and the U.S. inspect the electronic record of duty status (RODS), including ELD records.

According to CCMTA’s press release on the new ELD enforcement deadline, “mandatory use of these devices will help ensure federally regulated commercial carriers operating in Canada will continue to drive within their hours of service. The use of ELDs will result in more efficient mechanisms to accurately log working hours.”

Learn more about the Canadian ELD mandate.