For years, Motive has demonstrated leadership among app user reviews, but we wanted more. We wanted to confidently claim that Motive is the leading fleet management platform preferred by both drivers and fleet managers alike.

Confident in our ability to make driver logs, DVIRs, and IFTA reporting fast and easy, we commissioned an independent study comparing Motive’s fleet management solution against six leading competitors.

Specifically, we wanted to quantify how much easier it was for drivers and fleet administrators to use the Motive mobile app and desktop dashboard compared to the competition.

In the study, conducted by a third-party independent company in the Summer of 2018, fleet managers and drivers were asked to complete tasks that were part of their daily routines such as setting up a new driver, logging drive time, and IFTA reporting.

We’re excited to share the results.

Results that can grow your business

Motive was up to 50% easier to use than other leading fleet management solutions* when compared to the competition. Motive’s intuitive interface and clean design reduced the time to complete tasks by up to 50%.

Drivers and fleet managers were able to complete IFTA reporting and DVIRs between 20% to 50% faster than the competition.*

To quantify these results and demonstrate the real value of this time saved, we applied industry standards to see just how much Motive users can save.

How this fleet management solution can help your bottom line

So what does this mean for businesses who use Motive? It can mean faster training times, less confusion, and money saved.* When the results are translated to dollars, a large fleet of 250 may be able to:

  • Save up to $1.5 million per year in drive time (assumes five hours of driver time per week spent moving versus idle, managing technology, and reporting)
  • Save up to $30K in administrative time (assumes a staff of at least three fleet administrators at $20/hr who will spend less time reporting and correcting logs)
  • Save up to $900K in training costs compared to training your driver on other ELD apps

Customer success with Motive

Motive customer All Pro Logistics reduced their Hours of Service and ELD training time down to 20 minutes per driver. For large fleets like All Pro, the time saved with shorter training sessions can really add up.

Further, the cost of driver turnover is staggering, at about $8,000 per driver.*

Learn how using Motive’s fleet management solution can improve your fleet’s efficiency and positively impact your business’ bottom line.

Motive is a leading fleet management software provider that is feature-rich, easy to use, with excellent 24/7 customer support. If you want to learn more, download our free app (Google Play or on the App Store), call 855-434-3564 or email at

*Based on 3rd party independent testing against mobile and web apps of six other leading ELD providers measuring the time and/or ease to perform common tasks such as DVIR, and driver logs. Individual results and performance may vary. Cost and time savings based on an industry average rate per mile and an industry average administrative rate. Individual results and performance may vary.