Full enforcement of the ELD mandate has begun. It means that non-exempt drivers without ELDs are being put out-of-service by enforcement officials.

If you don’t have the right ELD solution, you’re already late. The process of ELD implementation cannot be put off any longer.

For many, however, the process can feel overwhelming. Who has the time to evaluate all of the ELD options? This article shares our advice for streamlining the process of finding a compliant ELD and avoiding an expensive mistake.

Advice on finding a compliant ELD

In an attempt to help the market find a compliant ELD, the FMCSA created an ELD registration list. It’s important to note that the ELDs on this list are self-certified by the vendors, and they are not verified or endorsed by the FMCSA.

Here’s what the former head of the FMCSA, Annette Sandberg, had to say about the self-certification list:

“As a former regulator, the biggest concern I have is the number of ELD vendors that are currently on the FMCSA list [of approved vendors] that probably should not be.”

In short, self-certified does not mean FMCSA compliant.

However, the FMCSA does offer a “Choosing an Electronic Logging Device Checklist.” We recommend asking your ELD vendor (whether current or prospective) to walk you through how the ELD delivers on each point.

Three key things to look for in an ELD

  1. Reviews from real users on unbiased platforms such as the Google Play Store, the iTunes store, and ELDRatings.com.
  2. Ease of use. Your success with any technology is predicated on your team’s ability to use it. If it’s not intuitive and requires extensive training, you’ll have headaches down the road.
  3. 24/7 support from real people, not machines. Find the vendors support line on their website and give it a call. If you can’t get an answer or prompt response, run.

Three red flags to avoid in an ELD

  1. Proprietary hardware. Many providers create their own hardware for drivers. This tends to be incredibly expensive up front. And worse, you’re locked into their ecosystem. A smartphone or tablet-based solution gives you more flexibility.
  2. Long contracts. Many providers will try and lock you into three or five-year deals. Anything beyond one year should be a sign that they aren’t truly confident in their product.
  3. A lack of experience. Providers that were started in the last two years should be looked at with skepticism. Will they be around for the long haul?

Why you should choose Motive

Motive has a two-minute “plug n play” installation process and is the easiest-to-use ELD in the market. Its leading technology is backed by best-in-class, 24/7 support to walk you through every step.

Motive is trusted by over 60,000 carriers and 1,000,000 drivers. A 4.8-star app store rating is proof that we deliver on promises.

You can buy the Motive ELD online in just a few clicks.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 855-434-3465 or send us an email at support@gomotive.com. Our 24/7 active customer support team is always there to help you.