We’re pleased to announce the release of our new AOBRD Vehicle Motion Threshold feature, which gives AOBRD users greater flexibility in their operation. The latest update offers you more control over AOBRD-compliant vehicles by allowing you to choose the exact speed at which driving time begins recording.

A completely customizable vehicle motion threshold

The FMCSA requires that an ELD must create a driving event when a vehicle is traveling at 5 mph or greater, however the regulation for AOBRDs does not have a defined speed threshold.

Motive customers can now take advantage of the greater flexibility that the AOBRD regulation affords by selecting any speed between 5 mph and 15 mph to trigger a driving event.

The vehicle motion threshold determines the vehicle speed that puts your driver in drive time. For example, if you select 10 mph, your driver will enter the drive time status when the vehicle reaches 10 mph.

The Motive platform was designed to support the seamless transition between AOBRD and ELD mode that the FMCSA regulation requires. Motive customers currently operating in AOBRD mode can switch to ELD mode in December 2019 by simply changing one setting in the Motive Dashboard – no hardware replacement or software updates are required.

You can simply select your preference from the “Compliance Mode” drop down and you’re done.

Two common use cases

1. Yard Moves

If you drive faster than 5 mph when moving your truck across the yard, “Yard Move” must be manually selected with an ELD. If you don’t, drive time will automatically start. This can throw off your clock and will cut into your 11-hour driving time.

2. Parking Spots

The same scenario applies to situations when you’re asked to move to a new parking spot — drive time can be triggered if you go faster than 5 mph.

In both of these scenarios, the vehicle motion threshold comes in handy because it allows you to drive at a speed greater than 5 mph without triggering drive time.

Motive ELD/AOBRD solutions

If you have any questions about the Motive ELD/AOBRD solution, connect with a sales rep.