Since we started as a company, Motive has always been focused on a “driver-first” mentality and advocating for our users. Understanding our drivers’ needs and pain points has helped us create a product that drivers love to use. In this new COVID-19 landscape, advocating for the user has taken on an entirely new meaning: our truck drivers need us now more than ever, and we’re here to help.

From our network of 250k drivers, we’ve seen a significant drop in vehicle usage in the last few months, with many drivers struggling to find work. With the volume of data amassed and the insights we can derive from it, we owe it to our customers and to our economy to tell the story of what we’re seeing — which is why we recently petitioned the Federal Government (update: petition sign-up is closed) urging them to provide financial relief to our trucking industry.

Also, we’re excited to announce that through our ongoing relationship with the number one truck insurer, Progressive Commercial, our mutual customers may receive relief in the form of insurance premium credits.

Progressive + Motive

We know the challenges and uncertainty drivers are facing during COVID-19, which is why Progressive and Motive have teamed up to bring an additional opportunity for relief to mutual customers who have experienced a reduction in their mileage during this extraordinary period of time.

Progressive is providing relief to these drivers by crediting insurance premium amounts up to 25% – 75% of their next bill due, depending on the reduction in miles driven since March 15.

To qualify, mutual customers must:

To make this as easy as possible for our customers — we have proactively reached out to anyone who uses Motive and is already enrolled in Progressive’s Smart Haul® program to qualify for relief, so that Progressive can credit their eligible accounts. If you have not received an email from us, please feel free to contact us at

Next steps

Our role is to do everything we can to help our users do their jobs safely and efficiently; it’s in our DNA. Today, that means we have a duty to advocate for our users and preserve our supply chain. Deepening our relationship with industry leaders like Progressive is paving the way to make that possible.

  • If you’re a Motive customer, you can qualify for savings on your insurance premium and save more than $1k. Motive is reaching out to carriers who may qualify for savings—it only takes a few minutes to apply for Smart Haul®.

If you’re not a Motive customer, learn more about our industry-leading ELD compliance solution and fleet management platform.