As today’s fleets are grappling with increased economic uncertainty and mounting pressure to do more with less, companies are looking for ways to safely run their fleets with greater efficiency. 

Motive’s new partnership with RLI Transportation is addressing this very concern, providing fleets of any size with a solution to improve driver safety practices while saving money.

Why are Motive and RLI Transportation partnering now?

To address economic pressure and their customers’ need to run more cost-efficient operations, Motive and RLI Transportation are partnering to offer more savings without sacrificing safety.

“We are thrilled to add Motive to our camera program, as it offers our insureds an additional cutting-edge dash cam option,” said RLI Transportation President Dan Meyer. “With Motive’s AI-powered dash cams and the comprehensive training provided by our loss control team, our insureds will be better prepared to detect risky driving behavior or drivers who may require additional coaching at an earlier stage. This proactive approach helps improve driver safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents.”

What will fleets gain from the partnership?

As a commercial fleet insurance provider, RLI Transportation is committed to helping its customers maintain safe operations. Through the partnership with Motive, RLI Transportation’s commercial fleet customers are eligible for up to a 5% premium discount for using Motive dash cams in their vehicles and sharing their data via Motive’s Driver Safety solution.   

With cost savings as an added benefit, the partnership was a no-brainer. “Companies are looking to Motive’s comprehensive fleet management solutions to reduce expenses and streamline operations,” said Jai Ranganathan, chief product officer at Motive. “As a dash cam partner for RLI Transportation, Motive’s solutions will help RLI’s commercial fleet customers save money and reduce safety incidents by driving down the volume and cost of insurance claims.”

Access to game-changing data through the Motive AI Dashcam

The data shared through Motive’s AI Dashcam technology will help RLI’s team of transportation loss control experts develop risk management plans that are tailored to the unique needs of commercial fleet operators. 

Motive’s solution can service fleets of one to fleets that number in the hundreds. This means RLI Transportation customers in any industry and with any fleet size can take advantage of Motive’s safety benefits and cost-saving solutions. 

Safety, productivity, and profitability

Using the world’s most accurate AI Dashcam, RLI Transportation customers will be in a better position to prevent accidents and protect their drivers. Through in-cab alerts, fuel savings, and customized maintenance alerts, Motive’s solution helps fleets improve safety, increase sustainability, and streamline operations.

Learn more about Motive’s Driver Safety solution, and RLI Transportation’s commercial fleet insurance products and services. To enroll in the RLI and Motive camera partnership, visit