At Motive, we strive to build an integrated operations platform that can easily connect to the tools you need to run your unique business. Our flexible fleet management solution was designed with your ever-changing needs in mind, allowing you to add new applications and services as your business grows and your goals evolve.

In addition to the hundreds of business optimization integrations available today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Zapier, which now gives you access to an additional 7,000 applications.

This partnership allows Motive users to seamlessly connect their Motive company account with key workflow automation and trigger actions, allowing for data synchronization between Motive and various third-party applications. This equips you with even more tools for maximizing efficiencies, reducing costs, and keeping your fleet safe.

Zapier, the industry-leading automation platform, has a no-code intuitive workflow builder, making it easy to design a platform tailored to your business’s needs without extensive technical expertise.

With Motive & Zapier you can now unlock a ton of value-added integrations, resulting in:

Improved safety: With automated safety incident responses, you can swiftly receive safety incident records in the required system when critical events occur, enabling immediate response and intervention by fleet managers or safety officers.

More efficient data sharing: Sync safety event data with your CRM system to track driver behavior and safety incidents, allowing for comprehensive fleet management and reporting.

Time-saving automation: Trigger workflows in other applications based on safety events recorded by Motive, streamlining your business processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced compliance reporting: Generate compliance reports and analytics by integrating safety event data from Motive with reporting and analytics platforms, ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Driving fleet operations forward

Motive’s partnership with Zapier opens up countless use cases for improving operations by leveraging solutions fleet managers already use.

HOS violation notifications & reporting: Fleet managers can now receive HOS violation notifications directly within their team’s messaging platform, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat. This will help ensure managers are immediately made aware of compliance issues and can take corrective actions promptly.

Fleet managers can then log HOS violations in a driver performance dashboard, which can be used to track trends and identify drivers who may need additional training or support. This makes it easy to inform insurance providers about HOS violations as part of a risk assessment program, allowing for potential insurance premium adjustments based on driver behavior.

Compliance reporting: In addition to automated compliance reports and analytics, companies that offer logistics and transportation services can now automatically update clients on the compliance status of their shipments. This is essential for clients who require high levels of regulatory compliance.

Fleet managers can also schedule periodic internal reviews and audits based on the frequency and types of violations to identify patterns and take proactive measures, keeping their drivers and roads safer.

To learn more about the automation available for you through Zapier, and how to enable Zapier with your Motive account, visit our help center and download Zapier from Motive’s App marketplace.