Without any prior warnings, One20 abruptly ceased its business operations and announced that it would no longer be supporting its ELD solution from June 18, 2018. The decision by One20 has left its ELD users without ELD support.

While the announcement was unfortunate for One20 ELD users, it wasn’t completely surprising. In fact, industry experts believe that several other ELD vendors may follow One20 down this path and abandon their ELD users in the next few months.

Why this may have happened

When the ELD mandate was announced, many companies saw the trucking industry as just a business opportunity and jumped on the bandwagon. Many didn’t have a proper business plan to keep them financially sustainable. One20 is just one of the many examples.

No monthly fee is a big red flag

One20’s business model didn’t include a monthly subscription. While this may have appealed to customers, it also may have posed business challenges, including customer sustainability.

There are certainly ELD companies that follow this model, but considering what happened to One20, ELD users should be wary of providers that don’t offer support.

Why Motive is different

Because Motive is financially stable, we’re able to offer affordable and cost-effective ELD solutions to fleets of all sizes.

We charge a nominal monthly fee to ensure consistent support, regular updates, and reliable services.

Motive’s growth and financial health

Motive continues to grow quickly, and we currently have over 500,000 truck drivers and nearly 50,000 fleets that use our ELDs, and these numbers speak volumes for our high-quality product that efficiently and effectively solves crucial problems for commercial drivers and fleets.

We also recently raised $50 million in Series C funding, which will help us invest in making a better product so we can keep solving problems for our customers.

How Motive can help One20 ELD customers

Because One20 ELD users are in a tricky position, we want to help them with a buyout credit.

We recently launched the Motive Shifting Gears Program which gives owner-operators and fleets a buyout credit that will help cover the costs of switching contracts.

This helps minimize the cost of switching and customers find it to be convenient. Cindy Urban of Klapec Trucking expressed her appreciation, saying, “It gave us an affordable path to fixing our compliance concerns. Working with Motive has been the 180-degree difference. We wish we would have gone with Motive from the beginning.”

Try Motive — the #1-rated ELD solution

If you’re a One20 ELD user, make the switch to Motive. Learn more about Motive ELD.

If you have any questions, give us a call 844-325-9230 or send us an email at support@gomotive.com. Our 24/7 active customer support team is always available to help.