At Motive, we’ve designed a fleet management platform that makes integrating the mission-critical tools you need to run your custom operations easy. We’re built for real-time scale, so that fleets can start with the products they need today, and grow over time as their needs evolve. 

Today, we’re excited to announce our latest step forward in innovation with an industry leader. New, best-in-class integrations from our partner Trimble are now available on the Motive App Marketplace — including Innovative, TMT Fleet Maintenance, and Vusion

In addition to our existing integration with TMW.Suite, mutual customers can now join their Motive data across these additional Trimble platforms to provide intelligent insights that lead to significantly better fleet productivity and safety outcomes — with an intuitive, user-friendly experience that customers love.


Using Motive’s driver workflow feature, our integration with Innovative empowers drivers and dispatchers to communicate directly through the Motive Driver app about their Innovative loads. 

Load data is sent directly from Innovative to the driver’s Motive mobile app, and any changes made by the driver will automatically update in the Innovative system for a single source of truth across your dispatch data. 

Hours-of-service details, load information, and remaining drive time from Motive are readily available in Innovative to help users better allocate and assign loads. Users can view drivers’ locations with real-time GPS data to ensure timely deliveries, and create workflow efficiencies that reduce manual data entry.

This fully integrated, intuitive dispatch experience helps keep the right teams in the right places.

TMT fleet maintenance

TMT’s integration with Motive allows mutual customers to keep equipment running smoothly via timely and accurate odometer updates. These updates directly feed preventative maintenance schedules, so fleets can effectively manage equipment and avoid costly breakdowns. 

Fault codes synced between Motive and TMT ensure constant connectivity with vehicle health so fleets can make time-sensitive repair decisions before they become major breakdowns — keeping fleets running safely and efficiently, and customers satisfied.

Any defects detected via Motive’s DVIRs are automatically pulled into the TMT platform. Once corrected and signed off by a mechanic, those updates are automatically pushed to Motive and TMT to minimize downtown and optimize efficiency.

The integration also enables a one-way vehicle and driver sync so that when a new unit or driver is added in Motive, a new unit or employee record is created in TMT.


Vusion brings together fuel purchase data and GPS + ECM odometer readings from Motive to streamline IFTA and mileage tax returns. Compiling this information can be a headache, and Vusion’s integration uses data from Motive to help simplify that process. Full audit support is also included as part of this partnership.

Increase efficiency with modern, user-friendly experiences from Motive and Trimble 

Good design is the pathway for adoption and usage. At Motive, intuitive experiences and ease of use are core to our mission. 

We are excited to not only continue rapidly innovating on workflow and efficiency, but to also work with a leader like Trimble to bring modern, user-friendly experiences to customers of TMW.Suite, Innovative, TMT Fleet Maintenance, and Vusion.