We are excited to announce the integration of the Motive ELD system with McLeod Software.

McLeod Software presents its customers with a wide range of tools for transportation dispatch, operation management, documentation management, and other fleet management software.

With its advanced transportation management tools, McLeod Software provides carriers with lots of fleet management efficiencies while reducing their overall operational cost at the same time.

Our recent integration with McLeod’s TMS (Transportation Management System) platform allows for streamlined communication between the company’s drivers and fleet managers.

Benefits of the integration

The recent integration between Motive ELDs and McLeod’s TMS platform offers carriers a number of benefits for their hauling operations.

Following are some of the many benefits that the integration brings:

  • The fleet’s remaining drive time can be accessed using the McLeod LoadMaster dispatch tool. Through this tool, fleet managers can monitor the Hours of Service compliance of all dispatched trucks without having to access multiple systems.
  • Dispatchers would have full visibility of their fleet’s vehicles through McLeod’s Software integration. This feature allows fleet managers to provide their shipment’s estimated time of arrival to their customers and locate the nearest driver that is available for each load.
  • Fleet managers can interact and communicate with truck drivers in real time using the Motive app.
  • The McLeod TMS can be used by dispatchers to send forms and comprehensive load instructions to drivers on the road. These drivers can receive the forms and complete them to indicate their current progress using the Motive mobile app.

Overall, the integration can bring a more cohesive driving experience, streamlined driver-dispatch communications, and an increased level of vehicle visibility for fleet managers.

Comments on the integration

Robert Brothers, McLeod Software’s Manager of Product Development, believes that the current integration would give customers the best compliance and fleet management tools for the upcoming ELD mandate.

According to Brothers:

We are excited to be able to offer our LoadMaster fleet customers the opportunity to take advantage of Motive ELD and messaging applications. Our commitment is to provide the best and most options for fleets to comply with the ELD mandate. Motive is a great new partner in this evolving new market.”

Shoaib Makani, Motive’s CEO and Founder, also believes that the integration would make communication and transactions between drivers and dispatchers more convenient for both parties.

According to Shoaib Makani:

The combination of McLeod and Motive allows carriers to not only comply with the ELD mandate but also gain significant operational efficiencies in the process. By bringing compliance information to the TMS interface dispatchers live out of and allowing drivers to receive load details in the Electronic Logs application that they use throughout the day, this integration makes life easier for dispatchers and drivers alike.

Transitioning to ELDs

The timing of the integration release is impeccable, as the implementation date of the ELD rule is fast approaching. The ELD mandate is set to take effect from December 18, 2017.

The seamless integration of the Motive platform with McLeod’s TMS will help drivers, carriers, and shippers optimize the way they run their businesses.

What’s next?

If you haven’t tried the Motive ELD solution yet, do it today. You can request a free ELD demo of Motive.

The ELD mandate compliance deadline is December 18, 2017, which is just a few months away. Make sure you’re fully prepared before that.

Call 844-325-9230 if you have any questions about the Motive ELD solution.