HR Resource Force, an enterprise-level EHS management software provider, has just recently announced their partnership with us to better support their clients through our electronic logging devices and GPS tracking features.

Through our partnership, Echo-Bell, the legal owner of HR Resource Force, can now help their customers in the trucking industry with ELD mandate compliance.

Considering how trucking companies that are not exempt from the ELD mandate have until December 2017 to be ELD compliant, the strategic partnership is sure to add convenience and efficiency for Echo-Bell’s clients who are keen on transitioning to ELDs.

The pertinent data gathered through our ELDs can also be relayed to the trucking company’s back-office functions handled or managed by Echo-Bell, which they can use for risk management, disciplinary action, training, accident management, and more.

What’s even better news for Echo-Bell’s customers is that they can now purchase Motive products at no additional cost because of the partnership. This also gives customers an added level of support, data integration, and access to the best practice compliance management processes.

Shoaib Makani, the CEO and founder of Motive, says: “We’re excited to partner with HR Resource Force. They’re a leading provider of enterprise-level Employee Health and Safety (EHS) management software that share our commitment to leveraging mobile and web technologies to provide an easy-to-access trucking solution. Motive’s best-in-class ELD solution will help HR Resource Force’s customers reduce administrative hours, streamline operations, and create opportunities for driving business efficiencies.”

Following are just some of the many benefits and features that customers can enjoy through Motive ELDs:

According to Nick Goodell, the Managing Partner at Echo-Bell, “The challenges we see most are a fleet’s ability to smoothly adopt technology in a way that adds value and then to integrate the technology with other systems in use. To realize value from a risk management perspective, the systems should work together and align with an overall data management strategy.” He also added, “Making appropriate decisions based on clean data from the truck and driver is critical in this competitive industry.”

Motive is on a mission to improve the efficiency and profitability of America’s trucking industry by building great technology products for truck drivers and fleet managers. We have many more interesting things lined up that will help us achieve our goals. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding Motive and Motive ELDs, please contact our friendly support team.