We are now in partnership with Comdata Inc., an industry leader in B2B payment solutions and fleet management.

Our partnership with the company allows small trucking businesses to pay for and integrate our Motive ELD solution into their business operations through Comdata’s MyFleet Program.

Comdata’s MyFleet Program is a custom portfolio of services that helps optimize the way fleets operate by reducing their operating costs, helping them stay compliant with some of the trucking industry’s regulations, and accessing capital from a single source.

With Motive’s technology, Comdata’s MyFleet users can now transmit electronic GPS logs to Comdata as part of the company’s fully administered fuel tax (IFTA) offering. Our ELDs will also help their clients with being compliant with the upcoming ELD mandate, as our ELDs are registered by the FMCSA.

“As the industry anticipates the impacts of the federal ELD mandate, small trucking fleets are demanding cost-efficient, responsive technologies that will keep them compliant without creating extra work,” said Greg Secord, president of Comdata North American Trucking (NAT). “Motive’s ease-of-use, functionality and affordability make it the ideal fit for the MyFleet Program, which has been designed to provide small trucking businesses access to the most critical tools for success, all in one place.”

According to the survey conducted by Comdata last year where they reached out to about 500 trucking companies and managers, they uncovered that over 80% of the survey participants still are not ELD compliant. It is quite alarming considering how the ELD rule is all set to be enforced by December 2017.

In addition to helping Comdata’s customers with their ELD compliance, there are several other ways their customers can benefit from the strategic partnership we formed. By using Motive ELDs, fleets can avoid HOS violations, keep track of driver scorecards, be on top of vehicle maintenance with Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts, monitor excessive idling, reduce fuel costs, communicate with drivers, track vehicles in real time, automatically calculate IFTA reports, and much more.

According to Shoaib Makani, the CEO of Motive, “We’re excited to partner with Comdata as an industry-leading company that shares our commitment to meeting fleets’ pressing needs through a personalized customer experience. Additionally, Motive’s ease-of-use will help Comdata customers reduce administrative hours and create opportunities to focus on driving.”

Motive’s mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of America’s trucking industry by making lives easier for fleets and truck drivers. We are now one step closer to that goal after our partnership with Comdata.