From hours-of-service rules to Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections, every year brings more regulations for commercial fleets, complicating IFTA reporting. FMCSA regulations and the hefty fines that come with non-compliance have caused fleets to pay closer attention to their processes and reporting.

Fleets that must travel between states as part of interstate commerce know the pain of manual IFTA reporting. After all, they’re required to have more detailed and timely reporting than ever before. Costly slip-ups and manual errors can put them out of service.

The good news is that now, with Motive’s new automated IFTA integration for Motive Card purchases, IFTA reporting just got easier. Customers also get discounts on diesel, maintenance, tires, and other essentials when they use their Motive Card. Because Motive Card transaction data is automatically synced and reported in the Motive Fleet Dashboard, fleets can easily track savings and spending, and control how and when their drivers spend.

Why IFTA integration matters

IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. For commercial fleets that operate in multiple states and Canadian provinces, IFTA lets businesses use a single fuel tax license to report and pay taxes for fuel their vehicles consume. Without automation, complying with IFTA can be time consuming and cumbersome. In the past, fleets crossing from state to state had to manually consolidate fuel receipts. Manually keeping track of fuel receipts raises the risk of error or of losing receipts altogether. Add in the fact that manual IFTA reporting often requires fleets to use third-party products and integrations, and an automated process like Motive’s is all the more necessary. 

Simplify IFTA reporting with Motive

1. Save time and reduce manual errors

Boost productivity and be ready to file by exporting IFTA reports with a single click. Motive helps you automate the paperwork and simplify IFTA filing by importing Motive Card purchases directly to your Fleet Dashboard. That means that with every fuel purchase made on the Motive Card, you’ll get digital reports that automatically track mileage and fuel use by jurisdiction. Details like cardholder ID, vehicle, and fuel type are assigned to each purchase, so you’ll get complete information for every transaction. This automation helps reduce common errors found in manual filings and saves time by cutting the administrative burden of manual receipt reconciliation.

2. Benefits of an all-in-one system

Motive Spend Management allows customers to manage their fleet spending and operations in one place. Eliminating the need for costly third-party integrations, Motive’s all-in-one fleet management solution makes it easy and convenient to get visibility to unique insights like spend by vehicle, category, and driver. Motive also includes telematics data like fuel and location data to understand where to optimize fleet operations. 

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