Life on the road is full of surprises, and commercial fleet drivers need quick, reliable solutions to simplify their daily tasks and make sure everything runs smoothly. When managing fuel and maintenance costs, drivers need an easy way to track spending, understand where they can make purchases, and view recent transactions. 

Without the burden of overly complex admin work, drivers can spend more time focusing on being safe and productive, boosting your bottom line. Sound like a perfect scenario that’s out of your reach? Motive makes it a reality. Our newest solution for drivers who need to increase their efficiency is the all-new Cards Hub in the Motive Driver App.

The Motive Cards Hub is just the latest addition to our already robust suite of solutions for drivers, including easy-to-use tools that simplify daily tasks and maximize driving time.

Access seamless self-service through the Motive Cards Hub

The Motive Cards Hub provides a clear, convenient overview of all aspects of card usage. Cardholders can view card status, spend controls, recent transactions, and contact support, all in one place. Drivers get instant access to see their spending limits, transaction time limits, and spend categories. They can also review transaction history, the details of each transaction, and why a transaction was declined. 

With more visibility into card information, spend limitations, and transactions, Motive Fleet Card users can utilize their cards to their fullest potential. The Cards Hub also allows drivers to understand their card status immediately, without having to contact fleet managers. If they do encounter an issue, they’re able to reach the Motive Card product support team through the app.

Unlock next-level efficiency by prioritizing driver happiness 

The Motive Driver App was built to address drivers’ needs, help simplify tasks, and increase productivity, with additional features like:

  • The Driver Hub, which offers no-code customization based on specific business processes.
  • Document Management, which allows drivers to manage and customize document templates easily.
  • Driver Communication, which powers real-time messages between drivers and dispatchers.

Your drivers’ opinions matter most, and users love the Motive Driver App, rating it a 4.5 in the iOs App Store and Capterra for its powerful features and simple interface. And with the new Motive Cards Hub, drivers now have even more capabilities at their fingertips.

Save time and money by managing your fleet and spending in one place

With Motive’s integrated platform, you can manage fleet spending and operations in one central location. Using an integrated management platform to unify fleet operations can bring real benefits to your business. You’ll save valuable time by automating tasks like IFTA reporting and optimizing processes, with no need to switch between platforms. 

An integrated platform will also save you money, with fuel theft detection, spend controls, and fraud detection. The Motive Card offers premium discounts on fleet expenses at partners including Love’s, TA, Casey’s, and Road Ranger. It’s backed by Mastercard, so you can use it anywhere. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you can contact Motive for product assistance 24/7. 

Apply for the Motive Card today

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