One of the problems we solve at Motive is, “How do we help build a culture of safety?” We understand the importance of fleet safety and the various challenges fleet and safety managers face. Not to mention, according to the FMCSA, drivers are at fault in 84% of fatal accidents involving a truck. We believe these accidents are preventable. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Driver Coaching.

Safe fleets operate efficiently which leads to improved CSA scores, low driver turnover rate, and higher profitability. Driver Coaching is designed to help fleet managers create a safe environment by proactively managing safety events, tagging drivers with different coaching statuses, leaving notes, and simplifying driver coaching.

How Motive helps you identify at-risk drivers

Driver Coaching helps you, the Fleet/Safety Manager, monitor potentially concerning driving patterns. In the Motive Dashboard, you’ll find your drivers ranked based on safety scores which are derived from three main performance events: hard brakes, excessive accelerations, and hard cornering.

At a glance, you’ll be able to identify and engage with high-risk drivers to get them the help they need and start building that culture of safety. Depending on the event, you can mark it with one of the following statuses:

  • Pending review: new events, awaiting review
  • Coachable: events that require coaching
  • Coached: events where you have talked to the driver
  • Uncoachable: events that don’t require any further action

Not only do we offer a detailed view by drivers, but you can also get a global view of performance events and their respective coaching statuses.

Driver Coaching will proactively notify you of any events that are pending review, the built-in filters make the data accessible with one or two clicks, and you can easily pull up data specific to any driver.

We’re not done helping you build an efficient and safe fleet, but we think Driver Coaching is moving your business in the right direction.

Learn more about driver coaching. Read: 3 ways to coach fleet drivers to safer behavior.

Improve driver coaching with the Motive Smart Dashcam

The Motive Driver Scorecards feature seamlessly integrates with the Motive Smart Dashcam.

The Motive Smart Dashcam provides another layer of safety and allows fleet managers to make driver coaching programs more effective.

Whenever the Motive ELD detects a critical-safety event—such as hard braking, hard cornering, or excessive acceleration—the Smart Dashcam records 10 seconds of HD video before and after the event; then sends it to your dashboard for real-time viewing.

This allows fleet and safety managers to see things from the driver’s perspective. You can witness exactly what happened during the critical event and gather key points and details to be incorporated in the driver coaching program.


We understand how overwhelming it can be to identify at-risk drivers, detect critical safety events, initiate driver coaching programs, and see them through.

Features such as the Motive Driver Scorecards and the Motive Driver Coaching empower managers to be more proactive and efficient.

With everything in one place, fleet and safety managers can become more safety conscious, quickly identify drivers who require coaching, show them exactly what happened and what they needed to do with the help of dashcam videos, and manage all safety events and coaching statuses in one easy-to-use platform.

If you have any questions, call at 855-434-3465. Our 24/7 Customer Support team is always available to help you.