The world’s first dashcams appeared on the dashboards of police vehicles in the 1930s. The camera’s main purpose was to record traffic violators in the act.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Many fleets are installing dashcams in their vehicles to be alerted to incoming hazards and add an extra layer of driver safety.

AI dashcams use artificial intelligence to analyze road conditions and driver behavior. They help reduce distracted driving and prevent accidents.

How can AI make a dashcam better?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a burgeoning area of computer science. By interpreting millions of data points, it helps build computers capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Motive’s AI Dashcam is powered by the leading edge AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms. Together, they detect unsafe driving with industry-leading accuracy.

Upon detecting unsafe driving behaviors, such as cell phone use and close following, the AI Dashcam instantly notifies drivers of these behaviors though in-cab audio and visual alerts. The alerts prompt drivers to change their behavior in the crucial seconds that matter most.

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How can AI dashcams improve safety and efficiency for fleets?

Whether you manage a fleet of delivery vans, long-haul trucks, or construction equipment, an AI dashcam can be the safety solution that improves your safety record and enables you to follow the best fleet management practices. It can also help reduce operating costs, making your fleet safer and more profitable.

Improved driver safety

The safety of your drivers and your fleet, along with everyone else on the road, is imperative. By installing AI dashcams in your fleet of vehicles, your drivers will be alerted to their high-risk driving behaviors.

 By collecting and assessing data about what’s happening on the road, AI-enabled dashcams improve driver safety. When applied, the technology uses predictive analytics and risk mitigation to assess real-time road conditions. The driver will be warned of any oncoming dangers so they can tailor their actions accordingly.

Motive’s AI Dashcam also detects where there’s room to improve driver performance. If the driver isn’t adhering to speed limits, or is driving too closely to other vehicles, they’ll receive a notification to change their behavior. Then the driver will receive coaching to encourage safe driving going forward.

Lower costs

Because AI dashcams help prevent accidents, they can save your business money over time. With safety videos automatically captured and uploaded, the system can suggest in which areas the driver would benefit from coaching.

With Motive, drivers are automatically shown personalized videos through the Motive Driver App. Seeing the videos allows drivers to assess what happened on the road and change their behavior as needed. By prompting drivers to change their unsafe driving habits in real time, the AI Dashcam leads to fewer road accidents. That means fleets don’t have to spend as much money on vehicle repairs and maintenance. More importantly, drivers get home safely, and roads are safer for everyone.

Under the right conditions, you could also pay less on insurance claims. If your driver is in an accident caused by another road user, the footage captured by the AI dashcam can be sent to insurance companies for review. If the footage proves the driver was not at fault for the accident, the captured footage can be used as evidence to exonerate the driver.

Texas-based TZC Services, for example, benefitted from Motive technology when one of their drivers was involved in a collision. Because the recorded footage proved the driver wasn’t at fault, he was immediately exonerated, saving the company millions.

There’s also a growing trend among insurance providers offering reduced premiums to fleets that have installed safety devices such as dashcams.

Canada’s Tri-Pol Enterprises, for example, used the data correlated from Motive’s dashcams to cut their renewal rate from 45% to only 17%. As the Tri-pol example makes clear, insurance providers are more likely to offer reduced premiums because dashcams have recognizable value in safety and high-quality driver coaching.

Efficient fleets

Aside from video recording, AI Dashcams interpret analytics to assess general driving data. This technology helps fleets to work more efficiently. For example, monitoring the driver’s location allows fleet managers to detect upcoming route complications, such as heavy congestion. Based on conditions, the manager can suggest alternative routes.

The AI also synthesizes the data gathered from regular driving patterns, including average speed, brake usage, travel distances, and fuel consumption. This information can provide greater detail on the vehicle’s performance in areas that could affect fleet efficiency.

Why Motive’s AI Dashcam is the safety solution for your fleet

If you’re just looking to record footage, a regular dashcam is fine. But the artificial intelligence used in the Motive AI Dashcam gives you more, including high-risk behavior detection and real-time in-cab alerts. It’s all intended to keep everyone on the road safe.

The Motive enhanced AI safety platform

Precision is key to accident prevention. Powered by the leading edge AI processor and advanced computer vision algorithms, the Motive AI Dashcam instantly detects unsafe driving with industry-leading accuracy. When drivers get an alert, they know it matters.

Key features of the AI Dashcam include industrial-grade reliability, 1440p crystal-clear HD video resolution, and a wide field of view for more coverage. The AI Dashcam also features up to 104 hours of camera storage and a built-in Quick Capture button.

Another layer of Motive’s AI safety platform is its advanced event intelligence technology. An in-house safety team analyzes every AI Dashcam video within seconds to determine the context and severity of each event. Videos that don’t represent actual risk are filtered out. The remaining video footage is prioritized based on risk levels. At the completion of a trip, drivers can review their videos directly in the Driver App, where they’re coached on correctable behaviors. By improving driver safety, the AI Dashcam empowers safety departments to operate more efficiently.

Reduce future risk with DRIVE

Instead of managing safety one video event at a time, Motive’s proprietary DRIVE risk score provides a holistic view of your drivers’ performance. The DRIVE risk score benchmarks every behavior against Motive’s 400,000+ vehicle network. DRIVE automatically pinpoints specific behaviors to coach while simultaneously identifying safe driving behaviors. That means incentivizing top driver performance and increasing driver retention is made easier.

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