The Motive AI Dashcam has earned recognition for its unmatched accuracy in detecting unsafe driving, contributing significantly to driver safety by helping reduce risk and accidents on the road. Accuracy is critical in the seconds after an accident too. Accidents carry steep costs — affecting people, property and reputation. Motive’s AI swiftly detects 99% of the highest severity collisions and quickly delivers video footage to safety managers. This precise accident detection ensures that you can act fast to recover, maximizing the chances for a favorable outcome. Vital evidence is preserved, giving managers the essential data and insights to quickly help drivers and simplify the incident management process.

The science behind 99% accuracy

For every actual collision we detect, we’ve also analyzed hundreds of events that could be crashes to ensure we don’t miss anything. Unlike competitors that only factor in g-forces, Motive analyzes key telematic signals to pinpoint potential crashes, like how fast the vehicle is speeding up or slowing down, and the direction and speed it’s rotating. These scenarios, along with their corresponding videos, are then uploaded for review by the Motive Safety Team. Over 400 safety experts carefully watch every video and filter out any false positives from the real incidents. Safety managers only see the real accidents — just 1% of what the team evaluates. 

Our AI, trained on more than 10,000 real-world collisions, is regularly updated for better accuracy. The confidence in our 99% accuracy rate is backed by a rigorous analysis of missed collisions that were later flagged by support or recalled by customers.

The challenge of replicating Motive’s precision and speed

Motive’s precision in collision detection is hard to replicate. It’s the result of our unique AI model development process, Motive Safety Team, robust dash cam hardware that captures footage even in catastrophic accidents, and over six years of award-winning, machine learning expertise. 

Our collision detection also leads the industry in speed when alerting managers. Our system prioritizes potential collision videos and uploads them within seconds, placing them at the front of the review queue for the Motive Safety Team, ahead of non-collision events. In contrast, competitors may take up to a full day to alert managers about a collision.

In a recent Motive survey of customers with more than 100 vehicles, nearly half of those who switched from other providers reported that their old systems detected only 80% of collisions, leading to 59% incurring financial losses and 31% facing costs over $50,000. 

“We did have a company that we were using beforehand that had what I would call ‘dash cams,’” said Sam Watts, Safety Supervisor at Meiborg Inc. “We wouldn’t get notified with those. And when we would find out that ‘hey, we did have a collision with something’, we could go back and look at the dash cam, it only recorded like eight-second increments, and even those eight seconds were like grainy 1950’s film.”

Hear how Motive’s accurate collision detection has helped Meiborg in the video below:

It’s important to note that increasing AI accuracy from 98% to 99% is much harder than moving from 80% to 90%, as it involves training the model on less frequent, unique, real-world scenarios. The Motive Safety Team plays a pivotal role in our validation process, curating thousands of uncommon scenarios to refine the model. 

Complete coverage from major incidents to minor mishaps

Motive offers comprehensive accident detection coverage, accurately capturing all levels of safety events, from high-severity incidents such as t-bones and rollovers to the more frequent, less severe scenarios like fender benders, sideswipes, or backup accidents at worksites. 

Let’s take a look at some collisions identified by Motive:

A complete accident management solution

At Motive, accuracy is more than a statistic – it’s vital for driver safety, ensuring swift response in emergencies and helping reduce legal and financial risks. Our system simplifies the post-accident process: No longer do you need to manually retrieve accident footage or spend time reconstructing events. Our comprehensive accident management system proactively delivers what you need.

“We had a safety incident shortly after installing dash cams that would have taken us months to resolve without Motive,” said Don Penepent, Concrete Division Manager at Tilcon. “With the Motive cameras, it took us about 17 seconds to understand what happened and exonerate our driver.”

When an incident happens, safety managers receive instant alerts, accompanied by video and detailed automatic collision reports. These reports, crucial for understanding the accident, can be readily shared with insurance providers. Safety managers can also quickly share videos with drivers, providing essential evidence for roadside exoneration.

Since adopting Motive, customers report reducing accident-related costs by 30%, with 57% of customers saving time on insurance claim resolution. Take a tour to see what the Motive Driver Safety platform can do for your business today.