When it comes to running a market-leading safety program, you juggle numerous tasks every day to improve safety, reduce liability, and ensure your drivers get home safe every night. However, your organization faces unique challenges across diverse environments, and a one-size-fits-all safety approach makes it hard to effectively identify risk and coach your drivers. 

Motive not only leads in accurate detection of unsafe driving with AI, but offers the only fully customizable Driver Safety solution. Safety managers can customize their safety event uploads, in-cab alerts, and Safety Scores to suit their specific program needs. Take full control of your safety program and reduce risk, even if you don’t have time to coach every unsafe behavior. Whether your drivers operate in the bustling streets of New York City or the quiet highways in Santa Barbara, now you can tailor every aspect of your safety program to your fleet’s needs.

Why customization matters

Tailor behaviors to your safety goals: Choose which unsafe behaviors to detect, alert, and include in your Safety Score, allowing you to focus on those most relevant to achieving your objectives. For example, urban delivery fleets might prioritize stop violations and distracted driving, while long-haul fleets may focus on fatigue and speeding. Adjust detection thresholds and disable behaviors as needed to match your risk criteria.

Reduce liability and time spent reviewing video: Only upload video for behaviors you have time to coach, focusing on severe infractions like cell phone usage to minimize liability if behaviors go unaddressed and ensure a targeted safety management approach.

Empower drivers to self-correct: Set in-cab alerts, such as for close following, to trigger before a video event is uploaded, giving drivers the chance to correct their behaviors without manager intervention. Events and alerts can be configured independently.

In contrast, most other safety solutions don’t offer self-service customization. If they do offer customization, their preset dropdowns lack depth and flexibility.

Drive adoption with a flexible rollout strategy

When deploying AI Dashcams and other safety technology, gradually introduce features so drivers can adapt to the technology at a comfortable pace and integrate it into their daily routines. The more opportunities workers have to interact with the technology and see how it works, the more they’ll buy into the program

Motive’s flexible safety solution allows you to adopt a crawl-walk-run approach to increase dash cam adoption and not overwhelm your drivers and managers.


A common challenge during this phase is overcoming initial resistance to new technology and processes, especially from drivers who are reluctant to have a dash cam in their vehicle. This phase allows both drivers and managers to get used to the technology without feeling overwhelmed, setting a strong foundation for broader adoption. Managers can also review videos to establish a performance baseline.

  1. Start by reviewing the unsafe behaviors detected by Motive. In-cab alerts and event capture are automatically enabled for new accounts to give drivers maximum protection on the road.
  2. If preferred, you can start by only enabling alerts and event capture for key unsafe behaviors that matter most to your organization, leaving settings at Motive defaults. You can also opt to capture road-facing behaviors initially and driver-facing behaviors later.
  3. Disable the option for drivers to view their Safety Score and safety events in the Driver App.


During this phase, the primary challenge is maintaining driver engagement and ensuring they take ownership of their safety performance. This phase builds on the foundation by introducing coaching and self-assessment tools, helping drivers and managers further integrate the technology into daily operations. Drivers should feel increasingly empowered to manage and improve their safety record.

  1. Begin coaching with Coaching Sessions and enable drivers to view their safety events in the Driver App. Coaching Sessions provides a holistic view of your driver’s coachable events, unsafe driving patterns, and coaching history.
  2. Allow Motive to automatically message drivers about coachable events to empower self-coaching.
  3. Introduce the Motive Safety Score, which evaluates driver performance over time for an accurate measure of driver risk. Provide drivers access to their Safety Scores in-app to gamify the experience and generate friendly competition.
  4. Fully customize the weight of each behavior in the Safety Score or turn off specific behaviors with advanced controls.
  5. You can also define the performance ranges and specify which Safety Scores qualify as Fair, Good, and Excellent. 


In this phase, the challenge is fine-tuning the technology to maximize its effectiveness while ensuring drivers are not overwhelmed by alerts. Additionally, fully leveraging reports to understand the effectiveness of your coaching is crucial. This phase solidifies the integration of technology into everyday operations, fostering a proactive safety culture.

  1. As drivers become accustomed to post-trip coaching with their videos, activate in-cab alerts if they’re turned off, one or a few behaviors at a time. 
  2. You can adjust the thresholds at which unsafe behaviors are captured and in-cab alerts trigger, with the ability to coach drivers in-cab before uploading videos for review.
    • Choose from five basic preset options for event capture and in-cab alert thresholds. Lower threshold groups generate more events and alerts. Higher threshold groups generate fewer but more severe events and alerts.
    • Advanced settings allow you to modify specific threshold values, such as minimum speed, duration, or time-to-hit values, to align with your safety program.
  3. Track performance across the behaviors you care about with driver safety profiles and detailed safety reports.

A solution that adapts to your needs

When you’re responsible for the safety of thousands of drivers, having a solution that adapts to your needs and allows you to focus on the greatest risks is critical for success. Take a tour to see how Motive can help transform your safety program today.