We’re excited to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, Motive has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 list. The list spotlights the top private cloud companies shaping the industry today and is awarded to companies who are reimagining what’s possible through the use of cloud technology.

Motive’s appearance on the Forbes Cloud 100 list again this year is a testament to our customers’ innovative use of technology to achieve better outcomes in efficiency, productivity, and safety. Inspired by their vision, we’ve strived to build something of value that can help them understand where they are and where they need to go to reach the next milestone.

“It’s great to be included on the Forbes Cloud 100 list for the fourth straight year,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO and co-founder, Motive, “and gratifying to know that our technology is enabling our customers to operate more safely and efficiently.”

The Forbes Cloud 100 acknowledgment comes at a time when Motive has released its new, leading-edge AI Dashcam to help prevent accidents and improve driving habits in the industries Motive serves. Through advanced computer vision algorithms, the AI Dashcam detects tendencies such as cell phone use, driver fatigue, and seat belt use in real-time and with industry-leading accuracy. Together, it can increase visibility and improve fleet safety and efficiency.

Being named a Forbes Cloud 100 company for the fourth time in 2021 is all the more significant at a time when Motive’s technological capabilities are growing exponentially to push the limits of what’s possible for our customers. They’re companies that operate in important sectors of the global economy, such as distribution, agriculture, construction, and oil and gas. As they use our technologies to reach their full potential in efficiency, productivity, and safety, Motive is committed to expanding our reach into new markets and in forward-thinking ways.

Today our technologies are used by more than 1 million drivers and 95,000 companies to improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. It’s proof that Motive’s cloud-based platform continues to provide real-time, accurate, and reliable data that is empowering companies to run their vehicles with better results.

Future plans are to continue to expand into new markets and innovate new cloud-based solutions that are of value to industries beyond long-haul trucking, such as construction, oil and gas, and numerous other industries where safety is the priority.

Learn more about the new AI Dashcam and how it can help your company reduce accidents by up to 30 percent.