Businesses that operate in the physical economy are forced to do more with less in the face of macroeconomic pressure due to persistent inflation, workforce shortages, and supply chain issues squeezing their bottom line. For long-haul fleets in particular, commercial insurance costs (one of the top five largest expenses for truckers) continue to increase and critical safety regulations, such as the FMCSA’s mandate on electronic logging devices (ELD) in commercial vehicles, add compliance complexities to their operations

To promote driver safety and help reduce overhead costs, Motive has partnered with Progressive® Commercial, the #1 commercial auto and truck insurer, to offer Progressive® customers subsidies on Motive’s market-leading AI safety solution, and lower insurance premiums.

Motive partners with Progressive® Commercial, helping customers save money by promoting driver safety

Motive’s partnership with Progressive® Commercial supports customers’ commitment to safety and compliance by offering additional discounts, including a 40-50% monthly per vehicle subsidy on the dash cam subscription within the Motive Driver Safety solution. It also provides Motive customers with access to the Progressive Commercial Smart Haul® program, with the opportunity to reduce their insurance premiums by monitoring and coaching driver behavior using Motive Driver Safety.

Additionally, Motive has been named as one of Progressive® Commercial’s preferred vendors in its Smart Haul® program. Through the Progressive Commercial Smart Haul® program, eligible customers who use Motive as an ELD can qualify for insurance savings. For Motive, being named a preferred vendor in the Progressive Commercial Smart Haul® program introduces more drivers to Motive Driver Safety.

Motive’s ELD does much more than HOS compliance

Although the ELD mandate was intended to bring accountability and compliance to the trucking industry, its benefits impact everyone on the road. Not only does the mandate enforce stronger compliance with hours-of-service regulations (which helps reduce driver fatigue), Motive’s ELD, Vehicle Gateway, also records engine performance data, and actively detects fault codes, and monitors driver behavior such as hard cornering, harsh braking, and hard acceleration. It can send real-time alerts and detailed reports to drivers and fleet managers to alert them of potential issues, and even help them to stay on top of vehicle maintenance..

Additional Motive Vehicle Gateway benefits include:

The value of Vehicle Gateway usage to keep customers safe and compliant is clear. But as industry pressures increase and margins tighten, Motive saw an opportunity to help customers decrease costs and stay safe with Motive Driver Safety.

Motive Driver Safety keeps companies compliant while keeping drivers safe 

Motive Driver Safety gives our customers the power to protect their drivers and provide assistance in the event of an accident. The Motive AI Dashcam and Vehicle Gateway collect data about the driver’s behavior through our AI-powered application, providing insights into safety risks and ways to address them through:

  • Accurately detecting safety issues, such as seatbelt violations, close following, or hard cornering.
  • Alerting drivers of unsafe behavior in real time.
  • Giving safety managers full visibility into the safety behavior of every driver and uncovering any blind spots.
  • Using video recording to assist drivers with unjustified claims and lawsuits. 
  • Coaching drivers via automated coaching and facilitating in-person coaching sessions. 

To learn more about how a proactive approach to safety prevents crashes and lowers costs, download the Motive Safety ROI Report.

For more information about the Motive and Progressive offering, connect with a Motive representative. To receive a quote and to learn more about the Progressive Commercial Smart Haul® program, visit