Oil and gas companies must adhere to strict regulations or face stiff fines and penalties. And those regulations are constantly tightening.

According to McKinsey & Company, regulatory compliance costs have tripled for the oil and gas industry since the late 1990s. Most companies struggle to stay ahead of these evolving regulations, even as unstable markets threaten their profitability. 

Federal and state agencies each have their own reporting and compliance requirements for drilling locations, waste management, environmental matters, and safety issues. Things become especially strict when working on federal lands under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

In addition to tracking driver hours and vehicle inspections, oil and gas companies must comply with special rules around hauling and working with hazardous materials. Tracking hours-of-service (HOS) compliance grows even more difficult when factoring in the unique HOS exceptions that allow for waiting time at oil and gas sites. Plus, drivers for oil and gas companies often work alone on desolate routes far from headquarters. That can make it harder to catch potential compliance issues. 

Yet the costs of non-compliance are significant. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) can impose civil penalties of up to $1 million per day during continuing violations. The Bureau of Land Management can inflict additional fines and penalties and terminate an operator’s lease agreement. 

That’s why highly regulated oil and gas companies sometimes spend 5% to 10% of their annual revenue on compliance

Motive can help you streamline fleet compliance to protect your bottom line. With Motive’s fleet management solution, you can:

  • Automate logging and paperwork.
  • Simplify hours-of-service reporting for every driver.
  • Understand your fleet’s overall compliance and recognize opportunity for improvement.
  • Stay compliant with changing regulations.
  • Achieve better roadside inspections.

Fleets using Motive’s compliance solution have seen 50% fewer hours-of-service violations, spend up to 50% less time on compliance tasks, and have seen as much as a 25% reduction in insurance costs

Learn how simplifying oil and gas compliance can help improve profitability and peace of mind.

Automate the paperwork

Safety departments can save countless hours while reducing violations by using Motive’s Vehicle Gateway to automate oil and gas compliance. Motive’s Compliance Hub and Fleet App make it easy to:

  • Monitor driver logs and duty status.
  • Match unpaired drivers.
  • Resolve form and manner errors.
  • Identify critical issues and violations.

Artificial intelligence can resolve unidentified trips faster by automatically matching trips and drivers. Real-time email alerts instantly notify you of HOS violations and Vehicle Gateway disconnects, prompting you to check in on drivers operating on high-risk sites.

Motive also streamlines IFTA reporting by automatically tracking IFTA fuel purchases by jurisdiction for every vehicle in your fleet. With digital fuel receipt management, Motive automatically summarizes the distance and fuel purchased in each state or province, then delivers a single-click, exportable report.

You can even set geofences around yards or terminals to automatically annotate driving events such as a yard move, eliminating the need to manually note it. 

Understand and improve your fleet’s overall compliance 

Together, the Motive Compliance Hub and Motive Fleet App present a complete view of your fleet’s compliance health, right from your smartphone or tablet.

But it goes deeper than just seeing the current health. Motive can give you the information you need to make proactive changes by showing you:

  • The most common types of violations.
  • Compliance trends.
  • Driver leaderboards.

Motive’s proactive CSA monitoring also helps identify critical safety issues among your drivers. Pair it with Motive’s DRIVE risk score to fully understand each driver’s risk profile, then deliver automated coaching to the drivers who need it. Overall, proactive monitoring like this helps you:

  • Keep drivers safer.
  • Improve ELD compliance. 
  • Lower CSA scores.
  • Reduce audit risk.

Streamline hours-of-service reporting

Drivers appreciate simplified HOS reporting in the Motive Driver App. The Motive HOS countdown clock clearly displays remaining drive time, and pre-violation alerts give drivers time to find a place to safely park. Multiple team members can use the same device to track their own HOS. Plus, Bluetooth ensures ELD connectivity on even the most remote oil and gas sites. 

Stay compliant with changing regulations

Motive keeps track of evolving regulations to ensure you stay compliant. For example, soon after the FMCSA rolled out significant changes to the HOS rules in 2020, Motive pushed the updates to the Motive Driver App. 

When the oilfield waiting time exception was announced, Motive heard from hundreds of drivers who wanted support. We then updated the Motive electronic logbook app to allow oil and gas drivers to record waiting time on a fifth line on their log (view this step-by-step tutorial). 

As Trade Star’s Kari Gib found, Motive ensures that the entire fleet stays on top of regulations and exemptions. “Even if my drivers are not 100% familiar with the HOS rules, Motive is,” he says. “So using Motive is as if I was sitting next to my drivers instructing them when to pull over.”

Automating regulation updates also reduces the risk of human error or misinterpretation.

Achieve better roadside inspections

Motive’s vehicle and asset inspection feature lets you create custom DVIRs to ensure oil and gas compliance across the fleet by mirroring your fleet’s workflows, vehicles, and assets. 

The Motive Driver App lets drivers complete logs and inspection reports right in the app. Inspection Mode makes it easier to ace roadside inspections by easily sending ELD output files to officers while ensuring they only see the required information.

Drivers can complete their DVIRs right in the Motive Driver App and add accompanying comments and photos. With improved visibility, you can repair damage quickly to avoid expensive downtime.

Trade Star has enjoyed impeccable roadside inspections since they began using Motive. In fact, the FMCSA allowed Trade Star to skip a companywide audit because the drivers’ logs are so accurate.

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