The Motive Pro plan is an affordable package for fleets of all sizes with additional fleet management features, such as automated IFTA reporting, asset tracking, vehicle utilization, vehicle diagnostics, and driver safety scores. This extra set of features enable fleets to become even more profitable, efficient, and safer.

Why do some people upgrade from a first-floor apartment to a penthouse? They get a fantastic view, a more peaceful environment, and extra space.

Premium has its benefits.

If you are interested in premium features, higher efficiency, and improved productivity, you should upgrade to Motive Pro.

The Motive Pro plan offers a broader range of fleet management features to help you become more efficient, profitable, productive, and competitive.

The Pro plan includes the following fleet management features:

  • Automated IFTA fuel tax reporting for reducing administrative burden, eliminating inaccuracies, and saving valuable time
  • Idle-time tracking and detailed vehicle utilization reports for saving fuel and minimizing operational expenditure
  • Vehicle diagnostics to catch vehicle maintenance issues early with fault-code detection and real-time alerts
  • Driver scorecards to identify the best- and worst-performing drivers, which helps with initiating targeted driver coaching programs
  • Asset tracking for increasing efficiency by knowing exactly when a driver enters or leaves a specific location.

Here are 5 things you will be able to do after upgrading to Motive Pro.

1. Simplify IFTA fuel tax reporting

Filing IFTA reports can be a time-consuming process, even if you have IFTA reporting software. Some software requires you to manually input fuel purchases and mileage data, which can take extra time and increase the risk of errors. 

Ultimately, a better IFTA reporting workflow will help you increase accuracy, avoid penalties, and save valuable time.

The Motive Pro plan gives you access to our automated IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting feature, which significantly simplifies IFTA tax calculation.

With Motive Pro, there’s no need to manually calculate the miles you travel in each jurisdiction. IFTA trips include a complete summary of the time and jurisdictions that each truck drove through.

For fuel purchases, simply upload the CSV report from your fuel card vendor. You may also require drivers to promptly log their fuel purchases via the Motive Electronic Logbook App.

“Motive’s IFTA feature has simplified our reporting process and changed how our team works,” says Katie Davis, Office Manager, Lanman Transportation Inc.

2. Enforce positive driving habits

Excessive acceleration, hard braking, and hard cornering can have a massive impact on the safety level of your fleet and the overall bottom line of the company.

Apart from increasing the risk of collisions, poor driving habits accelerate the wear and tear of the trucks. It may also increase fuel consumption.

With the Motive Driver Scorecards feature, you can easily identify at-risk drivers in your fleet. It assigns drivers their corresponding safety scores based on the number of times they trigger unsafe driving events.

From the Motive Dashboard, you can view the Driver Scorecards summary to spot the best- and worst-performing drivers in terms of safety.

This level of insight allows you to identify drivers who need immediate coaching. Motive’s driver coaching feature helps you stay on top of your driver training programs and build a culture of safety.

You can also use the Smart Dashcam for driver training.

With the Smart Dashcam, you will be able to see what the drivers see. This allows you to protect your business from uncertainties on the road — including false claims.

With video, conversations during driver training are based on evidence instead of assumptions. This increases accountability, productivity, and safety. Moreover, when your drivers aren’t at fault, Smart Dashcam footage can also be used for driver exoneration.

With all this information, you can offer performance-based rewards to your safest drivers and create a culture of safety. Cash bonuses, paid time off, and gift cards are a few ways to incentivize drivers to be safer.

See how Chad Boblett, an accomplished owner-operator, uses the Motive Smart Dashcam and how it helps him.

According to the latest CVSA International Roadcheck results that involved 67,603 inspections, 11,910 vehicles were identified with out-of-service conditions. A large majority of these violations were related to vehicle brake systems (4,536), tires and wheels (3,058), and brake adjustment (2,612).

Manually keeping track of vehicle maintenance problems is inefficient. With Motive Pro comes the Vehicle Diagnostics feature, which enables you to catch vehicle maintenance issues early through real-time alerts.

Studies suggest that 75 percent of all maintenance-related violations can be prevented with pre-trip inspections. The Vehicle Diagnostic and Vehicle Inspection features allow you to stay on top of vehicle health across your entire fleet.

4. Maximize fuel utilization

The U.S. Department of Energy reveals that a heavy-duty truck consumes 0.8 gallons of fuel per hour when idle. It may not seem much—until you realize that trucks idle, on average, for around 1,800 hours per year. That’s the equivalent of approximately 1,440 gallons of fuel wasted per year.

Excessive idling also speeds up engine depreciation, which leads to vehicle maintenance needs and additional expenditures.

The Motive Pro plan gives you the right tools to reduce operational costs and achieve fuel efficiency by tracking excessive idling across the fleet.

The Motive fleet management software automatically monitors excessive idling and presents detailed vehicle utilization reports in the Dashboard. You can break down these reports by drivers or terminal groups and identify those who need coaching.

Upgrade to Pro

The Motive Pro plan enables you to unlock the full potential of your fleet by accessing more advanced fleet management features. These features empower you to run more efficiently, intelligently, safely, and reliably.

If you have any questions about the Motive Pro plan and how it can help your fleet, call 844-325-9230. Our 24/7 Customer Support team is always available to assist you.