At Motive we understand that as your company grows, controlling access to information becomes increasingly important. You want your personnel to access information that is relevant to them and avoid people stepping on each other’s toes.

If your fleet operates from different terminals, you want fleet managers to have access to information that is relevant to their terminal. Similarly, your mechanics at the workshop need access to vehicle inspection reports and vehicle diagnostics, but you may not want them to access driver logs or IFTA data.

Now with Groups and Features Access, you can easily control exactly what features and groups each fleet manager in your company has access to. You can create customized dashboards for every person in your fleet and restrict access to features and groups that you do not want them to view.

You can restrict a fleet manager’s access to specific groups of drivers and vehicles.

You can also limit the features they can access in the fleet dashboard.

Find out more about how to use Groups Access and Features Access at our support center. Request a free demo of the Motive fleet management software today to learn more.