One concern we hear from fleets using Motive is that they will no longer be able to edit driving time when the ELD mandate is enforced. It’s a valid concern, so the Motive team sifted through the FMCSA’s ELD ruling to see exactly what log edits are allowed under the new regulation. While the rule is restrictive on log edits in some regards, there’s more flexibility than many think.

Which edits are allowed to driver logs?

ELDs are required to capture and record all driving events, but a driver can make an edit to their log anytime he or she feels an entry is incorrect. The rule permits drivers to make annotations indicating the change, but the original recorded driving status is not erasable.

Which edits aren’t allowed to driver logs?

While annotations on recorded driving events are allowed, the following data cannot be adjusted by the driver or fleet manager according to the ELD rule:

  • Drive time
  • ELD malfunctions and data diagnostic events
  • An intermediate log
  • Vehicle engine power up/shut down
  • A driver’s login/logout activity

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Are fleet managers allowed to make edits?

No, only drivers are permitted to make direct edits to driver logs. Approved fleet managers are allowed to make log edit suggestions on a driver’s log, which the driver can approve or deny. The driver has the ultimate sign-off.

Why aren’t fleet managers allowed to make log edits?

In their ELD ruling, the FMCSA wanted to avoid driver harassment. By allowing drivers to make the final call on edits, their belief is that it will limit harassment from fleet managers.