According to the FMCSA regulations, if you are running short haul, you do not require electronic logging devices. However, it is not as simple as that.

Short-haul drivers know how tricky the exemption can be. They can’t be 100% sure whether or not they will require ELDs.

It is because if you exceed the short-haul requirements for more than 8 days in any 30-day period, you will require a compliant ELD to log hours-of-service.

Without an electronic logging device, short-haul drivers would have to remember the days they were logging their hours. There is a lot of paperwork. And, in some instances, DOT inspectors may ask the driver to refill the past 7 days.

These are unnecessary complications for short-haul drivers.

Automation, flexibility, and HOS violation alerts

At Motive our goal has always been to make our product flexible and easy-to-use for fleets of all types — including short-haul fleets.

Motive supports local hours-of-service rules for drivers who fall under 100 and 150 air-mile exemptions.

One of our primary focuses is on automation so drivers can focus on driving without having to worry about their remaining hours.

If you are on a 100 air-mile exemption with a secondary cycle, Motive will automatically switch to the secondary cycle once you hit your daily limit. Drivers will be notified one minute before the switch.

On the other hand, drivers on the 150 air-mile exemption have the option to select the 16-hour short-haul exception to extend their hours.

Furthermore, the Motive App also automatically notifies drivers 30 minutes before the violation. Drivers will receive another notification 1 minute before the switch.

The workload report for short-haul drivers

To minimize paperwork and reliance on your driver’s memory, Motive also maintains proper records of the current day as well as the past 6 days worked. This driver workload report helps fleet managers simplify operations, improve productivity, and reduce administrative burden.

Since the driver workload report has complete records of the total hours that drivers worked in the last 7 days, fleet managers can use this information for audit as well as calculating driver pay.

Simplifying and automating driver pay calculation with ELDs is another benefit that just isn’t possible with paper. It is especially helpful for a short-haul fleet operating in states with complex labor laws, e.g., California.

Motive — ensuring compliance

The Motive ELD is the easiest-to-use ELD in the market and has a two-minute plug-n-play installation. Moreover, our 24×7 customer support team is always there to help you.

Over 60,000 carriers and 1 million registered drivers trust Motive for their compliance needs. Many of them are short-haul drivers.

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