We’re in the middle of a technological revolution in trucking. Fleets need modern, scalable, and innovative platforms that can adapt to unique business processes and evolve alongside the changing trucking landscape.

That’s why we’ve created the Motive App Marketplace. The App Marketplace is home to industry-leading applications and integrations designed to help fleets of all sizes build a tailor-made fleet management solution that supports vital business processes.

Our catalog of ready-built integrations allows drivers and fleet managers to make smarter decisions in real-time, spanning cost reduction, efficiency, and visibility. Let’s dive in and see how you can use the App Marketplace to benefit your business.

The Motive App Marketplace

1. Solutions that scale

The Motive platform is designed to meet your fleet’s changing needs. Along with the Motive Dashboard, Motive Electronic Logbook App, the Motive Smart Dashcam, and the Motive ELD, the Motive App Marketplace is also constantly evolving to scale with your business.

As your trucking business grows, you can leverage industry-leading integrations to meet all your changing needs. From load monitoring and tracking to saving on insurance premiums, the App Marketplace offers integrations designed to unlock your fleet’s potential.

Integrations work seamlessly with the Motive solutions you’re already using, so you won’t have to deal with dozens of other companies to scale your business.

And the Motive App Marketplace is constantly growing. We will continue to add more Motive Partners so you can continue to build your custom fleet management solution.

2. Lower operating costs and increased productivity

The catalog of industry-leading integrations available through the App Marketplace delivers a broad range of fleet benefits, including maximizing efficiency and even saving money.

Thanks to our partnership with Progressive Insurance, Motive customers can qualify for 3-18% guaranteed savings on insurance premiums by privately sharing their driver data.

Similarly, with better visibility, load monitoring, and route management, you will be able to reduce operational costs and improve your company’s bottom line.

Load board applications and industry-leading TMS apps, like McLeod Software, can help streamline fleet manager/driver communication through the Motive App, without downloading additional software. That means less time switching back and forth between devices and more time spent keeping trucks moving.

3. Custom fleet management for everyone

Whether you have one vehicle or 10,000, the App Marketplace offers powerful integrations for all market-segments within the trucking industry.

Fleets of any size can level the playing field by integrating industry-leading technology with Motive. Remove siloed, patchwork systems and avoid re-thinking vital business processes by building a flexible, customizable fleet management platform that leverages reliable, up-to-the-minute data.

And the benefits don‘t stop there. Our catalog of Motive Partners will continue to grow, so every fleet can continue to build on their unique solutions.

4. One easy-to-use platform

Over-reliance on several different software solutions can complicate fleet managers’ and drivers’ jobs.

Rather than be overwhelmed by multiple tools for different aspects of fleet management, the Motive App Marketplace enables trucking companies to handle everything from a single location, the Motive platform.

Drivers and fleet managers will be able to improve efficiencies and grow their businesses in one easy-to-use platform that they already love and are familiar with.

Dive into the Motive App Marketplace today

There is a lot more to come to the Motive App Marketplace. We are excited to see fleets improving efficiencies, reducing operational costs, and elevating their businesses.

Visit the App Marketplace to learn more about building a custom fleet management solution, our integrations, and how to list your own integration. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 855-434-3465.