Motive took fleet safety to the next level with the launch of the AI Dashcam last year, a valuable new tool for commercial fleets. The customer response and adoption of the new AI Dashcam in the marketplace has exceeded all our expectations. The secret of the AI Dashcam’s performance lies in its namesake—artificial intelligence (AI). With the market’s most accurate and fastest AI powering its capabilities, the Motive dash cam gives fleets the data they need to prevent accidents and improve safety.

When we first released the AI Dashcam, it detected cell phone use and close following. Over the course of a year, the AI Dashcam’s capabilities have expanded to detect rolling stops, seat belt violations, and distracted driving beyond cell phone use. 

“In creating the AI Dashcam, we wanted to empower customers to accurately detect unsafe behaviors on the road in a way that’s most impactful for their business,” says Abhishek Gupta, Senior Director, Safety and Compliance Product, at Motive. “One year in, it’s evident that we’ve achieved that.”

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Reduce unsafe driving behaviors with real-time AI alerts

Customers are seeing how effectively this fleet dash cam detects unsafe behavior. At Kentuckiana Trucking in Clarksville, Indiana, Dispatcher/Driver Safety Manager Wayne Milby has noted a decrease in accidents since last winter, when AI Dashcams were installed across Kentuckiana’s fleet. 

“Since implementing AI Dashcams in January, we’ve seen a 30% to 40% drop in fender-benders,” Milby says. “The AI Dashcam has inspired one of our most aggressive drivers to completely change his style of driving. When we first implemented dash cams, the driver’s habits triggered four or five unsafe driving alerts a day. Now, that driver may get one alert every few weeks. It’s been an amazing improvement.”

When the AI Dashcam was released, the goal was to create a tool that would improve fleet safety and protect drivers. “We hoped that the benefits for customers would be clear, that fleets would get visibility into their safety risk, and that drivers would trust the product, leading to an overall reduction in safety incidents and costs,” Gupta says. “The product has exceeded all these expectations.”

In the months since it launched, Motive data shows that a greater percentage of drivers are being coached through the AI Dashcam. Safety incidents are falling, and drivers are more invested in their safety performance. In using Motive in-cab alerts over a six-month period, Motive customers saw, on average, a 56% reduction in driver cell phone use and a 25% reduction in close following. AAA recently reported that cell phone use can cause an 8-fold increase in collision risk, so the benefit of the AI Dashcam and its ability to reduce collisions is clear.

“Because Motive’s AI capabilities are so accurate, our customers are able to detect the high-risk behaviors jeopardizing their drivers and profitability,” Gupta says. “Fleets can have confidence knowing that the AI Dashcam helps improve road safety. The AI Dashcam has the power to root out unsafe behaviors before a catastrophic accident occurs, and Motive customers are realizing a greater return on investment as a result.”

Motive customer Rosendin Electric, one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States, worked with Motive to improve safety and streamline visibility in the field. Rosendin has seen a strong return-on-investment as a result.

“Motive has allowed our organization to exonerate workers from wrongful blame, identify and coach unsafe driving behaviors, and utilize data previously unavailable at Rosendin to make strategic business decisions,” says Rosendin CIO Matt Lamb. “Motive’s all-in-one platform has helped us become a safer and more efficient organization, ultimately delivering better service to our clients.”

New turnkey driver coaching solution

In-cab alerts from the Motive AI Dashcam notify operators of unsafe driving habits as they happen. Once drivers arrive at their destination, they can access the Motive Driver App to see dash cam video and retrieve automated coaching tips. 

Motive also automates the most time-intensive work for fleet safety departments. Motive’s new turnkey driver coaching solution puts all coachable events into a single workflow that’s sortable by driver and adds context and severity. The tool ensures that driving coaches structure coaching sessions around the most impactful events. Together, coach and driver can review video, identify improvement areas, and build a trackable coaching history. 

And with Motive Driver Safety, customers can track the impact of coaching over time, helping safety teams celebrate progress or identify problem areas quickly.

The AI Dashcam excels against the competition

Strategy Analytics, a global market research company, recently performed a competitive analysis that shows how the AI Dashcam performs against other fleet dash cams. For the study, Strategy Analytics conducted 342 separate tests at various times of day. The Motive AI Dashcam beat the competition, successfully detecting unsafe driving behavior 89% of the time, more than Lytx (61%) and Samsara (15%). The AI Dashcam more accurately detected a range of unsafe driving behaviors as well, including cell phone use, close following, and seat belt use. It also alerted drivers to modify their behavior fastest.

“We’ve believed in the AI Dashcam’s capabilities from the very beginning and knew that building the most accurate AI Dashcam would be critical to transforming the safety outcomes for our customers,” Gupta says. “The independent report from Strategy Analytics confirmed that the AI Dashcam is the most accurate dash cam. You plug it in, and when you get on the road it automatically alerts drivers to behaviors that heighten their risk.”

What’s most exciting is that the AI technology behind this fleet dash cam has the potential for even greater advancements.

“We’ve only scratched the surface of what we’re able to achieve with AI,” Gupta says. ”The future looks bright.”

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