Managing a carrier fleet isn’t easy. Managing a carrier fleet while simultaneously working to improve your CSA score can feel Herculean. Trying to do all the above manually? Impossible.

Today, there are only two ways a carrier can improve its performance. The first is to sift through countless data by vehicle type from the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Safety Management System (SMS) in order to understand the causes of a low score and understand where investigators will focus their inspections so you can get a jump start on improving those factors. The other option is to wait for enough time to pass without any violations. Neither is ideal.

But what if you could prevent violations before they occur?

Motive has developed an integrated fleet management platform that improves the safety and efficiency of vehicle fleets through compliance management, tracking, and AI-powered insights. Today, we’re excited to announce a new integration with Whip Around to give carriers another level of performance insights and compliance features, making it easier and faster to manage fleets.

Whip Around

Whip Around is a fleet maintenance solution that offers maintenance work order management capabilities for fault management and preventative maintenance scheduling. With Whip Around Maintain, fleet operators can ensure their processes meet the vehicle maintenance requirements of the CSA BASIC categories. They can combine vehicle defects or issues identified in inspections with regular maintenance tasks in mechanic or supplier work orders. And they can track and record when the work orders are completed, and by who.

Motive + Whip Around

With the Motive + Whip Around integration, fleet operators receive a simple and effective way to plan preventative maintenance and service schedules:

  • Automatic odometer and engine hour readings
    • Odometer and engine hour readings automatically sync with Whip Around to trigger mileage reports and maintenance schedules
  • Trigger alerts for missed inspections on moving vehicles
    • Get email alerts and push notifications for a vehicle missing a Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) as soon as it’s moving, or has an active fault
  • Manage diagnostic trouble codes and engine faults
    • Get email notifications on new engine faults and generate work orders to be sent to mechanics for quick repairs
  • Group faults, defects, and servicing into work orders
    • Provide your internal mechanics or external vendors with a single work order that lists engine faults from Motive, DVIR defects, and servicing to track maintenance history and costs
  • Manage Motive DVIR defects
    • Drivers can conduct inspections on the Motive app and have defects sent to Whip Around for mechanics to repair, certify, and communicate back to the driver for DOT compliance
  • Compliance with confidence
    • Designed to meet the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for DVIR, fleet operators and drivers can easily see the latest inspections reports, defects corrected, and required signatures.

For more information, watch our webinar on how the Motive + Whip Around integration can improve your CSA score.

Easier than ever to stay ahead of the game

There’s no instant solution to maintain and improve your CSA scores. But with a fleet management solution like Motive and a powerful integration with Whip Around’s intuitive maintenance tool, you can run a safer, more compliant operation.

Click here to enable the one-click integration.