Unlock 360° visibility with AI Omnicam and turn blind spots into insights.

As anyone who’s operated a busy fleet can tell you, it’s hard to know what’s happening every second of the day. Something always gets missed — even if it’s just a few seconds of a warehouse delivery. Afterward, you’re stuck piecing together clues, trying to figure out what happened.

With the new Motive AI Omnicam, Motive customers get 360° visibility around every vehicle, every second of every day. The AI Omnicam is the only vehicle camera with AI-enabled hardware built for side, rear, passenger, and cargo monitoring. When paired with Motive’s AI Dashcam, the Motive camera system gives commercial fleets up to six camera angles and unprecedented visibility into everything that happens.  

Say goodbye to manual incident reports with the Motive AI Omnicam. No more guesswork, conflicting accounts, or endless meetings to resolve incidents. The AI Omnicam frees up time by giving you the real facts — right from the start.

Let’s look at how the AI Omnicam can go to work for your team.

Resolve disputes faster

Sideswipes and rear collisions cause more than 33% of fatal crashes and 44% of crash-related injuries. When incidents occur, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Not when you have video showing exactly what happened.

The AI Omnicam shows risks from all sides of the vehicle, so customers can resolve disputes and false claims faster. Quicker resolution reduces accident costs and liability at a time when lawsuits pose a growing threat.

Marathon Strategies found that corporate nuclear verdicts nearly quadrupled from 2020 to 2022, multiplying from $4.9 billion to $18.3 billion. In 2022, the median verdict rose to $41.1 million — a 95% increase from two years earlier. Most fleets are operating without adequate visibility. They need video proof to support their investigations. Without it, they face crippling judgments with little recourse. 

Through 360-degree video evidence, the Motive AI Omnicam helps exonerate drivers from false claims related to side and rear collisions. Every video is captured in high-definition (HD) 1080p for a crystal-clear picture day and night. Identifying license plates or vehicle make and model is easy, even in the dark. 

The AI Omnicam also gives managers more power to investigate cargo theft, passenger incidents, and loading disputes. Trucking and retail lose $15 to $30 billion from cargo theft every year. AI Omnicam can help reduce loss and keep profits in the hands of operators.

Instantly detect risk with the industry’s most accurate AI

Unlike other side and rear vehicle cameras on the market, AI Omnicam provides much more value beyond exoneration. Upcoming AI enhancements will make it easier to instantly detect all sorts of safety issues. Fleets will be alerted to unsafe lane changes, incorrect cargo loading, and improper use of safety gear or machinery. Quick detection of high-risk lapses drives down risk in real time by eliminating blind spots and preventing accidents.

According to leading research firm Strategy Analytics, the Motive AI Dashcam has the fastest, most accurate AI. Fleets that use AI Dashcams and frequently coach see 50% fewer accidents than those that don’t. Earlier this year, Motive released new AI capabilities that help reduce distracted driving and unsafe lane changes. Motive will bring the same accurate detection to AI Omnicam.

“Motive’s AI Dashcams have been a game changer for our fleet, and now with AI Omnicam we’re gaining visibility into side or rear-facing accidents we didn’t have previously,” said Tom Abrams, co-founder and CEO, Reliable Carriers. “The Motive solution has been an invaluable investment, saving us millions on accident claims, and we’re very excited to roll out Motive AI Omnicams fleet-wide.”

Maximize worksite safety, improve operational efficiency

Businesses in several industries can benefit from the AI Omnicam’s full visibility. Not only can they see incidents themselves, but they can also better understand which unsafe habits caused the incident. Armed with this insight, companies can correct important issues and streamline operations. For example:

  • Trucking and logistics businesses can use the AI Omnicam to:
    • Protect cargo and deter theft and damage.
    • Prevent injuries from unsafe customer sites.
    • Counter false claims at loading docks.
    • Confirm delivery of cargo.
  • Construction businesses can use the AI Omnicam to help enhance safety by:
    • Monitoring proper use of safety gear and heavy machinery.
    • Training contractors on remote job sites to perform safely.
  • Oil and gas companies can use this vehicle camera to:
    • Quickly resolve oil spill or leak disputes.
    • Gain visibility into operations on remote sites, both day and night.
    • Verify compliance with special rules around hauling and working with hazardous materials.
  • Passenger transit operators can:
    • Ensure passenger safety.
    • Investigate theft, vandalism, and disputes with video evidence.
    • Optimize route planning with passenger counting.

Motive has always been known for ease of use, and we’ve simplified the technology here for customers too. Other cameras have extra DVR boxes and are unreliable from day to day. The AI Omnicam is reliable and easy to install, with built-in 4G LTE and no DVR box required. With a fast, intuitive setup, we’ve minimized the need for third-party installers so you can save money and get on the road faster.

Ready to improve your vision with the AI Omnicam?

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