The Modern Developer Platform offers access to Motive’s powerful APIs. Our developer tools enable customers and partners to integrate Motive with third-party offerings in one well rounded, consolidated fleet management solution.

Our mission at Motive is to connect the world’s vehicles using our innovative fleet management technology. The most recent leap in the evolution of our software is a collaborative developer platform that gives customers, partners, and third-party developers access to our APIs. Our driving motive was to help our users simplify workflows and integrate solutions while containing costs.

Because customers have unique business rules, processes, workflows, and fleet sizes, they require a tailored solution for their fleet management needs. By providing access to our APIs, customers can choose to build their own integrations that meet their specific needs or can pick from industry-leading modular applications available on the App Marketplace

We launched our Modern Developer Platform this week. A collaborative and innovative solution, it consists of two advanced developer tools: our revolutionary Developer Portal, and our Driver Workflow feature. 

Developer Portal

Before the portal 

Our existing App Marketplace has already been offering customers the ability to simplify operations with existing third-party applications. Customers can pick and choose applications to build well-rounded custom management solutions that encompass all their workflows. For example, one third-party app available on the App Marketplace simplifies fuel tax reporting; another is used for preventative maintenance scheduling; and yet another, for insights into driver safety and performance.

Today’s capabilities

Now, the Motive Developer Portal further enhances this extensibility by offering users of these third-party apps access to our APIs to build their own integrations. The first publicly available developer portal in the fleet management industry, it is founded on detailed API documentation and a self-service model. With an enhanced infrastructure, the Developer Portal gives customers and partners more control over what data they share from integrations, providing them with greater security and privacy.

Users can leverage the Motive Developer Portal to:

  • Create and manage their developer accounts and profiles in the App Marketplace via API
  • Create their apps in the marketplace and manage the apps’ status
  • Submit their finalized apps with all the accompanying App Marketplace content for review
  • Launch their apps in the marketplace and upload support documentation

Driver workflow

One of our goals is to help fleets run more efficient operations, and that means bridging the communication gap between drivers and back-office operations. But to stay in the lead, we wanted to build modules that comprise a full circle of functionality for an integrated dispatch experience, exclusively available through Motive. So we created the Driver Workflow tool to integrate with any dispatch or Transportation Management System (TMS) to simplify operations. 

Driver Workflow enables drivers to receive dispatch information from their designated TMS system directly to their Motive App, thanks to Motive APIs. Likewise, any updates the driver makes via the Motive App feed back into the TMS or dispatch system of choice. Drivers can even launch CoPilot GPS Navigation, a third-party truck navigation app, right from the Motive App to help them safely navigate to their destination using workflow.

Partners can use our APIs to integrate any TMS with our application to display enriched data in the Motive mobile app. Using Driver Workflow enables drivers to receive all their information and perform all their tasks in one consolidated app, and allows back-office operations to receive information sent from drivers directly to their preferred TMS system. Driver Workflow keeps the right teams in the right places, without interrupting any day-to-day processes. 

Feature set includes:

  • GPS location data
  • Messaging
  • Hours of service (HOS)
  • Driver performance
  • Full dispatch workflow
  • Customizable forms
  • Geofencing

We also built in a crucial offline support capability. This way, any updates drivers make are automatically saved even when the drivers are offline. 

Final thoughts

The Modern Developer Platform is an innovative, first-of-its-kind platform that’s a direct result of our Product and Business Development teams’ collaborating closely with our customers and partners.

To learn more about Motive’s Modern Developer Platform—including the Developer Portal and Driver Workflow—visit To participate in our collaborative and innovative environment, check out our Careers page.