The ELD mandate will require all drivers to transition to ELDs. If you’re on paper, to get ahead of the mandate without adding costs, consider starting with e-logs. It will allow drivers to get acquainted with electronic systems while still maintaining the editability factor associated with paper logs.

A well-designed e-log should mirror the aesthetic of paper logs — drivers shouldn’t face a steep learning curve. This allows for an intuitive transition from paper logs to e-logs.

What are the real benefits of e-logs compared to paper logs?

  1. Like paper logs, e-logs are fully editable. So if you make a mistake on your hours of service, it’s no problem! You can easily adjust your duty status to reflect the changes.
  2. E-logs save you time. Writing your carrier information each day on your log can be cumbersome. With e-logs, repeated information only needs to be added once, after which the information auto-populates for future logs. For drivers, this means less time on paperwork and more time on the road.

How will e-logs eventually help me transition to an ELD?

Evaluate your electronic provider without financial risk:

E-logs allow your fleet to get comfortable with a new system without investing in ELDs. Change can be implemented in pieces by starting with e-logs, which gives everyone a chance to test the software and the vendor’s customer service before buying.

Reduce the learning curve

Making the jump straight from paper logs to an ELD is not always easy. The format is not the same — logs are not editable. However, going from paper logs to e-logs is much easier because drivers still control their hours of service. We think that this is a great first step in transitioning to electronic log formats.

How to start with e-logs

Transition is a chain reaction. We suggest getting a few of your drivers to try e-logs. If they like it and the success rate is high, before you know it, others will transition from paper logs to e-logs. Upgrading to an ELD is simple once high e-log adoption is established, which will make ELD mandate compliance a breeze.