The ELD Mandate was released by the DOT last week, so we reached out to drivers using Motive to get a sense of how folks are reacting to the final published rule. The transition to ELDs will have some road bumps so it’s important to research possible solutions and ELD providers ahead of time. According to the drivers we contacted, carriers should expect a 6-month transition period for drivers to adjust to the new platform, so don’t wait till the last minute to make a change.

ELD mandate reactions and advice from drivers

1. Find an ELD solution that’s user-friendly

Our drivers really like that the Motive e-log looks similar to paper logs. It means a smaller learning curve for drivers looking to transition.

“Always had a paper log. One day out of the blue, I started punching in things for logbooks in the app store. I downloaded a few apps, but nothing caught my eye like Motive because it’s so similar to paper logs. It just makes sense. More sense than paper logs. Just takes me a second to do whatever I need to do.” -Mark, Texas

2. Switch from paper logs to electronic logs now

Make the switch to electronic logs right away, then upgrade to ELDs when you’re ready to comply so the transition is smooth.

“A lot drivers are old school and have trouble with smartphone apps. The learning curve can be big for some, which is why I tell everyone to try out Motive because you don’t have to be a tech genius to get it.” -Stacy, Canada

3. Compare ELD prices

A lot of drivers we spoke with thought ELDs would cost upwards of $2000 (and some do), but there are providers like Motive who offer affordable rates for fleets of all sizes.

“I’m a small owner-operator. Initially, I thought ELDs would end up costing me an arm and a leg. I was upset, but after a little research, I realized that not all ELDs are expensive. Some are actually pretty affordable. Maybe even cheaper than buying paper logs in the long run.” -Jeff, New Jersey

Benefits of electronic logs and ELDs

While the ELD Mandate means drivers have less flexibility in terms of editing their hours of service, it also means less paperwork, fewer violation-related fines, and safer roads. Many agreed that the first step in addressing the ELD mandate is to make sure drivers are comfortable using their mobile devices to log hours of service. E-logs are a free, easy way to test the waters before you invest in an actual ELD. Finally, unlike paper logs, the Motive e-logging app allows drivers to go back 14 days to make any log edits, so making a mistake doesn’t mean having to start from scratch again.

ELD mandate solutions by Motive

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