Hello! My name is Jason Pesek and I help manage the Motive Driver App. I joined Motive more than five years ago and have seen a large transformation of the company and the transportation industry. 

We now serve various types of fleets in multiple countries. The industry has become more forward-looking with advancements in areas like safety, telematics, fuel efficiency, and routing. The Motive Driver App started out as a free electronic logbook app and, thanks to driver word of mouth, quickly saw downloads from more than 2 million drivers. 

Over time, the Motive Driver App has become a full-service driver app that helps with everything from compliance and safety to maintenance and dispatch, and now fleet fuel cards. So much has changed, and yet our commitment to you, the drivers, has never wavered.

Our goal is to put you first and build the best solution we can for you. This means that we’re constantly looking for ways to make your lives easier and build features that solve real problems. 

Before we launch any change, we work directly with drivers and fleets to ensure our updates make the right impact. This doesn’t mean that we always get the process right, but we always strive to make things easier for you. This includes visiting countless truck stops, attending trade shows like MATS and GATS, and going onsite to visit with customers so we can better understand your needs and build new features that provide real value.

Now, let’s talk about the Driver App changes

You’ve probably noticed some recent changes to the Driver App, which I want to explain. Let’s focus on three key changes.

1. A new home screen

We added the new Driver App home screen as a way to help you understand what’s important rather than assuming that logs are where you always want to start. This change reduces the taps it takes to get to inspections. It also makes it easier to kick off workflows, sign logs, review safety events, or reply to messages. 

2. Inspections for vehicles and assets are now split

We based this update on feedback we received from drivers and fleet managers who need a way to complete inspections without a trailer, or a trailer inspection when you’ve already inspected the tractor.

3. Text is bigger and easier to read 

This update follows a trend that’s happening across all mobile apps, and is based on countless feedback from drivers who felt the text in the Driver App was too small and that it was too easy to tap the wrong button.

Change can be hard and we don’t take it lightly

When the Driver App was first designed, it revolutionized the industry. Things have changed quite a bit since then, and we need to continue to evolve so we can provide you with the best experience possible. 

We’ve made these changes so we can: 

  • Make the app easier to use
  • Help you be more efficient
  • Build better tools to help you with your day

To do this, we need to make changes to the Driver App that are different from what you’re used to. Not everyone will like this, but it’s important to make these changes so we can continue to make the app better. And I promise we are working to bring amazing features like Dark Mode and Accessibility Support so each driver can customize how the app looks to fit their needs.

We read every review and piece of feedback that you have for us and are constantly working to make it the best app for drivers. Soon, we’ll be releasing changes to the duty status screens to make the save button more accessible for landscape mode. We’ll fix the Android keyboard layout issue and we’ll ensure we optimize the app for split mode. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to make things better. If you ever have any feedback, feel free to send me a text at (407) 674-9962. I’ll try my best to read through everyone’s comments and reply!

Thanks for all you do!