At Motive, we’re on a mission to connect the world’s trucks so we can bring the trucking industry online and fundamentally changing the way freight is moved on our roads.

Our goals include building a strong company culture that encourages collaboration and inspiration. We’re proud to have a team that embraces hard work and takes pride in what we do.

That’s why we’re honored to have won the following awards for Best Places to Work from Comparably, including ranking in Comparably’s Happiest Employees list.

These awards are based on the following criteria:

Happiest employees

 “I love the culture at Motive! We truly care about each other.”

Comparably looked at employee sentiment regarding a combination of attributes that make up happiness at work. These include:

  • Positive work environment
  • How clear the company goals are
  • How invested employees are in those goals
  • Overall satisfaction with pay, perks, and benefits

Best work-life balance

“Doing my best at work means I can relax and enjoy my life outside the office. The culture at Motive is supportive of this, and it motivates me to work even harder.”

Winners were based on how satisfied employees were with work-life balance.

Best compensation

How fairly employees said they were compensated.

So, what do Motive employees like most about the company? We asked a few of our team members and here’s what they said:

“My colleagues. Solving huge problems that haven’t been done before. I’m learning so much every day.”

“The level of respect and professionalism that the leadership team encompasses. I’ve never believed in a job so much. It’s because of them!”

Best perks & benefits

How employees rated their perks and the amount of paid time off they received.

Want to join Motive?

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering world-class technology to the trucking industry and, at the same time, creating the best working environment for Motive employees.

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