Dash cams offer numerous benefits to fleets of all sizes, improved driver coaching programs, lower CSA scores, and protection from false claims. With the Motive Smart Dashcam, fleets can easily improve efficiency and profitability.

Cameras mounted on windshields or dashboards tell an accurate story; the same one the driver sees. They both spot cars changing lanes without signaling and drivers slamming on their brakes, potentially causing collisions.

Videos from these cameras have recorded actual crashes, proving which driver was at fault. That’s one good reason why they’re installing dash cams, so they can protect their driving records, keep their CDL licenses, and stay at their jobs.

Maximize ROI with Smart Dashcams

Why should you consider outfitting your fleet with Smart Dashcams? Our Smart Dashcam exhibits a myriad of benefits that will help you get a return on your investment.

1. Use it to improve CSA scores

A good way to improve those CSA scores while also making your fleet safer is to install dash cams. These cameras identify risky driving behaviors that can be addressed with coaching. Instead of hiring expensive lawyers and dragging out accident cases in court, the Smart Dashcam captures a video of a collision that proves on film who is at fault.

Healthy CSA scores can lower the company’s annual insurance premium, decrease the risk of Department of Transportation (DOT) audits and roadside inspections, and make driver recruitment easier.

2. Coach unsafe drivers

The Smart Dashcam videos make excellent training tools. You can show the drivers what went wrong and how they should react to comparable situations in the future.

The ELD data helps identify at-risk drivers, so they can be coached. But the dash cams supplement that data and increase the effectiveness of the driver coaching program. Fleet and safety managers see what the driver sees, which gives them a better perspective.

3. Protect your company from false claims

The Dashcam also protects your company from false claims by others on the road. The proof you need to exonerate your innocent drivers is right there on a real-time, high-definition video.

4. Stay connected and minimize downtime

Ensure you are reliably recording everything you need to protect your fleet and drivers. If the Smart Dashcam is ever disconnected, you will automatically be notified.

Takes less than 10 minutes to install the Smart Dashcam

Fleets or individual drivers who already have the Motive ELD can easily add our Smart Dashcam. The Smart Dashcam, measuring 2.5-inches wide by 1-inch deep, includes a wide-angle lens and records in high definition (HD). The combination of the Smart Dashcam and the ELD works for fleets of all sizes and types.

It is a “plug n play” installation which means all you do is plug it into your ELD with a USB. User friendly and no pairing with Bluetooth.

For detailed instructions on how to set up the Motive Smart Dashcam, watch the following video.

Once set up, the Motive Smart Dashcam will record 10 seconds of HD video whenever a critical safety event is recorded by the Motive ELD. Critical safety events include hard braking, hard cornering, and excessive acceleration. The recorded video is then sent to the Motive Dashboard for your review.

The Smart Dashcam is compatible with Motive’s Cellular ELD and uses the cellular connection in the ELD to upload all video content. If you don’t have the updated C-ELD and purchase the Motive Smart Dashcam, we will upgrade it for you at no cost.

An easy tip to get drivers on board

Talk of installing dash cams can get drivers up in arms thinking their boss is spying on them. Or waiting for them to do something wrong.

Motive customer Norman Bright, fleet manager for Woodford Oil, addressed this issue and said he easily nipped this in the bud. He advises, “Let your most veteran driver try it out first.”

That way, the veteran driver (the person who is highly respected by other drivers) will share his experience with other drivers in your fleet. The message is plain and simple. It’s all about safety, the driver’s safety and others on the road.

Read Norman’s story and the step-by-step process of how he got his drivers on board and implemented the Smart Dashcams in all 50 vehicles.

Lift the burden from drivers

In the case of a collision, statistics show passenger vehicle drivers are at fault in 85 percent of fatal truck-passenger vehicle crashes, yet commercial drivers are often blamed.

When there’s no photographic evidence, it deteriorates to he said she said. That means a court case can drag out for a very long time costing the trucking company expensive lawyer fees and insurance costs.

A collision that exonerated a driver

Overdrive described a recent collision scenario investigated Brian Bragonier, a highway safety investigator.

A Greyhound bus that was outfitted with both driver- and road-facing cameras, hit a concrete barrier that separated an exit lane on California Route 101. The video from the dash cams proved the highway and the barrier were not properly indicated with reflective markings. The recording also showed the driver was alert at the time of the crash.

Aren’t dash cams worth it if they prove your driver wasn’t at fault in a crash? Dash cams keep everyone on the road safer, motivate drivers to be cautious, and save you money in legal fees.

Improve fleet safety with the Motive Smart Dashcam

The Motive Smart Dashcam can help you build a culture of safety. Video evidence may also lead to driver exoneration, more effective driver coaching programs, and lower CSA scores.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what the Motive Smart Dashcam can do for your fleet, call 855-434-3465 or email support@gomotive.com.