Today, we’re excited to announce the Motive Smart Dashcam, a road-facing video solution that seamlessly integrates with the Motive ELD. The Motive Smart Dashcam brings the power of video monitoring to fleets of all sizes.

The benefits of video

Protection from fraudulent claims

The average cost of an injury accident is $200,000. Despite passenger vehicles being at fault in 85% of truck-passenger accidents, commercial drivers are more likely to be blamed when cases are litigated. Video provides clear evidence of what really happened, allowing carriers to exonerate drivers when they aren’t at fault and do the right thing when they are.

Fewer accidents through more effective coaching

With video, managers can see events unfold from the driver’s perspective. This makes it easy to provide specific, personalized coaching when drivers make a mistake, and reward great driving when they don’t.

Insurance discounts

Insurance providers recognize the impact cameras have on road safety. A number of insurance carriers now offer reduced premiums or subsidies to directly offset the cost of cameras.

How the Motive Smart Dashcam is different

A simpler video solution

Getting started with the Motive Smart Dashcam takes just a few minutes.

Simply connect the Smart Dashcam to the Motive ELD via USB and attach it to the windshield. When a critical event such as a hard brake or accident is detected, the Smart Dashcam captures a HD video clip and transmits it to the Motive Dashboard for real-time viewing.

It’s that simple. Video has never been easier to adopt.

The full story

When a critical event or an accident occurs, you need the full story, not just a video clip. With standalone dashcams, simply finding out who was driving the vehicle requires switching between multiple systems. This is particularly challenging if multiple drivers operate the same vehicle.

With Motive, you get one integrated platform across compliance, telematics and video monitoring. Videos are automatically associated with a driver based on ELD data. By integrating hours of service with video monitoring, you get the context needed to make a better judgment of exactly what took place.

To learn more about the importance of one integrated platform, check out this webinar: Why ELD-based Dashcams are the Future.


Dashcams only protect if they’re recording. If the Motive Smart Dashcam is disconnected, you’ll immediately be notified. You can also view all disconnected dashcams and who was using the vehicle at the time of disconnect.

Motive Smart Dashcam alerts

A real-world example

The passenger vehicle in front of your driver slams on the brakes. Your driver reacts and avoids the collision just in time.

Your driver is new to the industry and was following a bit too closely. Without video, the cause is unknowable and the coaching conversation is based on incomplete information.

With the Motive Smart Dashcam, here’s your new reality:

The Motive ELD registers the close following event. 10 seconds of HD video before and after are automatically sent to your Dashboard. You get an email and text alert with the complete information and link to the video. You’re now able to show the driver the exact issue and easily coach them on how to avoid the situation in the future.

Motive Smart Dashcam example

Get started with the Motive Smart Dashcam today

For the first time, the power of connected video is accessible for fleets of all sizes. Click here to learn about how easy and affordable it is to add the Motive Smart Dashcam.

The Motive Smart Dashcam integrates seamlessly with the Motive Vehicle Gateway that also helps with ELD compliance.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 855-434-3564 or send us an email at