There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fleet management solution. Every fleet needs a platform that adapts and evolves with vital business processes and operations.

We’re proud to introduce the Motive App Marketplace. It’s our one-stop-shop of integrations. From insurance and vehicle maintenance to workflow visibility—the App Marketplace allows you to build a customized, powerful fleet management platform.

Get to know our integrations

The App Marketplace offers best-in-class integrations from industry leaders you know and trust. From vehicle maintenance and insurance to driver workflow visibility, our integrations can extend the functionality of Motive Dashboard for Fleets.

It removes the need for additional apps and logins while delivering savings and enhanced operational efficiency to fleets of any size.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the integrations you can use to build the fleet management platform of your dreams.

McLeod means essential communication is optimized

Reliable communication is the backbone of any fleet. McLeod and Motive allow drivers and fleet managers to communicate directly through Motive’s mobile app.

Consistent, two-way communication keeps back-office staff and frontline drivers in sync, working seamlessly to deliver freight faster for happier customers. Motive delivers vital, high-quality data faster and more frequently to keep fleet operations efficient.

Many TMS implementations, like McLeod, can take months to complete. Our integrations can be completed in as little as two weeks.

Progressive because safe drivers deserve rewards

Motive and Progressive help ensure safe drivers are recognized for their excellent driving. With guaranteed savings of 3 percent and as much as 18 percent, drivers with high safety marks save an average of $1,384 on their insurance premiums using Motive with Progressive.

Motive driver data is shared, with customer permission, with Progressive agents who provide custom quotes based on driving behavior. Fleets using Progressive with Motive can also leverage our Smart Dashcam’s real-time, event-driven video footage. This footage can prepare drivers for the unpredictability of the road and as reliable evidence in the event of a collision.

Motive driver data, along with Smart Dashcam footage for additional coaching, can help drivers and fleet managers maintain high CSA scores and save money on insurance.

Fleetio makes vehicle diagnostics and maintenance easy

Fleetio and Motive allow fleet managers to easily analyze different data streams to keep their trucks on the road. Engine diagnostics and location behavior, along with driver purchase behavior, are all available in a single interface. This helps avoid breakdowns and ensure fuel charges are categorized correctly.

Fleetio’s platform also analyzes data from years of fault codes to help fleet managers identify upcoming maintenance issues before a breakdown happens. Comparing this data against driver-vehicle inspection reports, fleet managers can be more intentional with fleet maintenance.

project44 ensures comprehensive load tracking

Connecting drivers and carriers has never been easier.

Use Motive and project44 to track freight in real-time to know where a load is at any time. This means deliveries to your customers are more accurate. Communication is more streamlined between drivers and fleet managers. Think about all the reduced back-and-forth check calls. Operate more efficiently by leveraging better data more often.

Start building today

That’s just a glimpse of what the App Marketplace has to offer your fleet. Motive is proud to offer cutting-edge fleet technology and industry integrations to supercharge your business.

Our catalog of integrations is always growing. Keep an eye out for even more powerful Motive integrations as we continue to build a robust network of value-added solutions through the App Marketplace.

Visit the App Marketplace to learn more about building a custom fleet management solution, our integrations, and how to list your own integration on the marketplace. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 855-434-3564.