Build a more efficient insurance program with Motive.

Everything you need to improve risk assessments, decrease safety incidents, and lower operating costs.

Sentry Insurance collaborates with Motive to enhance road safety and drive cost efficiency in the transportation sector. Read the press release.

Create a custom insurance program backed by Motive’s award-winning hardware and best-in-class service.

Grow the way you want.
Tap into telematics and AI.
Maximize safety and savings.
Set your team up for success.

The advantages your insureds gain from a Motive Partnership.

Drive down costs

Get full visibility into what happens on the road.

Help reduce incident payouts with the fastest, most accurate dash cam in the industry. Motive’s AI immediately alerts drivers to modify unsafe behavior, like phone usage, with fewer false alerts.

  • Minimize costly litigation and boost driver safety. 
  • Access up to 230 hours of dash cam footage.
  • 72% of insured drivers exonerated.
  • Collision notification within minutes of the incident.
Access real-time data

Improve risk assessment for optimal coverage.

Insureds get real-time data and actionable insights to inform important business decisions. See how compliance, maintenance, and routing can impact safety records with a top-down view across all drivers.

  • Leverage telematics and driver insights.
  • Set data retention policies to limit liability.
  • 57% fewer accidents within 4 months of deployment.
  • 30% reduction in accident-related costs.

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Improve driver adoption with discounted Motive subscription costs

What you get:

  • Dedicated sales enablement and outreach
  • Tailored marketing and customer success program
  • Seamless data and video sharing
  • Monthly partner reporting


Promote safer driving habits with a discount on premiums.

What you get:

  • Dedicated sales enablement and outreach
  • Tailored marketing and customer success program
  • Seamless data and video sharing
  • Monthly partner reporting


Refer customers to Motive and earn money.

What you get:

  • Mutual referral of inbound sales leads
  • Partners who send qualified leads may be compensated accordingly
  • Tailored agent support

“We are thrilled to add Motive to our camera program, as it offers our insureds an additional cutting-edge dash cam option. With Motive’s AI-powered dash cams, our insureds will be better prepared to detect risky driving behavior or drivers who may require additional coaching at an earlier stage. This proactive approach helps improve driver safety and reduce the likelihood of accidents.”

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Our AI-powered, integrated platform is just the beginning. Motive’s award-winning hardware and best-in-class service supports customers through user onboarding, training, and deployment.




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Frequently asked questions

We partner with all types of companies within the insurance ecosystem, no matter the company size, age, solutions the potential partner provides, or fleet types or size they serve.  Whether it is an established insurer, newly-minted insurtech, broker, agency, and beyond; if it provides a solution to our customer base that helps improve road safety for our customers, reduce their insurance costs, or makes their fleet business run more efficiently, we are interested in exploring partnership.

Motive serves more than 120,000 businesses across a wide range of industries, including trucking and logistics, construction, field services, oil and gas, delivery, food and beverage, passenger transit, and agriculture. No matter the size of your business, the Motive Integrated Operations Platform delivers the value of fleet management with data intelligence, extensibility, security, and scale.

The Motive Integrated Operations Platform is designed to never lose your data. Motive uses enterprise-grade cloud-native technologies that empower seamless, on-demand scalability and the management of ultra-high-volume data for all customers. Open APIs and no-code customization also make the platform extensible. Download the Motive Overview Guide to learn more.

Motive’s global support team provides 24/7 customer service and is accessible via chat, email and phone, as well as a Driver App, Fleet App and Fleet Dashboard chat. We also have a comprehensive Help Center that makes it easy to get fast answers to any questions you may have. Our reliable customer support has lead to our 97% customer satisfaction rating, and has earned us recognition in Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Customer Service Awards.

Motive proactively protects drivers and bottom lines with AI Dashcams with HD footage for visibility into incident investigations and to exonerate drivers to prove innocence and defend against litigation. Our video clips default to 15 seconds, which our customers love as they can see what happens both before and after the event is captured.  Along with clear video footage, we provide personalized, timely feedback to drivers on critical unsafe behaviors. We also enable safety managers to maintain a record of coaching activity. Our in-house safety team reviews every event to allow safety managers to prioritize which drivers need coaching the most.